Hello Old Friend! I’ve Rediscovered Another High Street Staple, The Body Shop!

When I was 13 in an all girls' school, for some reason it was ‘the thing’ to have a pot of Body Shop lip balm in either kiwi or strawberry. When a girl loaned you her pot, you’d stick your finger in it to ruin it. I have no idea why.
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February 25, 2013
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Until about a month ago, I hadn’t been into a Body Shop for about four years, and the last time was to buy a baby's hairbrush (super soft bristles, lovely). Before then, it was probably when I was 15. I was there for a job interview. I used all their products from their super sweet smelling banana conditioner to their cinnamon-scented pan stick.

I was a devotee, a follower, I knew the products inside out, until the stoopido bloke who didn’t give me a Saturday job, well he not only lost himself a customer but a would-be excellent staff member. I went and got a job at Miss Selfridge instead, so in your face douche bag.

I digress. A few weeks ago, I was out shopping. My husband was in Foot Locker and my kid refused to go in (she hates it in there) so I took her into ‘the pretty smelling’ store where she could touch things, sniff their lotions and stick her fingers in pots of goo. We were in The Body Shop. My how it has changed.

When I was 13 in an all girls' school, for some reason it was ‘the thing’ to have a pot of Body Shop lip balm in either kiwi or strawberry. When a girl loaned you her pot, you’d stick your finger in it to ruin it. I have no idea why. But I was reminded of this, mooching around all the delights and immense selection of body treats.

The body butters are to die for, their banana shampoo and conditioners are heavenly, and the shea and cocoa butter ranges ooze goodness. I defy them to be topped anywhere else. Sadly, there are no Dewberry or Fuzzy Peach perfumes anymore (these were my standard teen perfumes until I progressed onto Cacherel’s Anais Anais and Lou Lou), but the White Musk lives on!

Because TBS have such a vast range of products, I can’t possibly cover them all, but here are some of their hero bottles and tubs of joy I’m especially fond of. I know they do a fantastic BB cream, and their fragrances have gone far and beyond the perfume oils and EDT’s of old: they now do sheer body mists for just a veil of scent, and also smellies for your home, but I’m sticking to the body stuff. Please do let me know in the comments other wonders I need to seek out that I might not have discovered yet!

Shea Shower Gel/Cream £4I normally use cheap ass Dove shower gel because I like that clean soapy scent. But this Shea shower gel. Dear oh dear, it’s not only fantastic for my parched, cracked, wintery skin, but the smell is so rich and creamy, it just feels luxe. And why not have a little luxury in your shower every day?

Shea Body Scrub £12.50A few weeks ago I did a piece on sorting out your dry scabby legs, and this is one of my must-have products from that piece. It’s a fantastic, gritty salt scrub with that same killer shea butter scent which is super moisturising and treats skin the same way I imagine Clooney would: like a lady.

Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion £3Ahhh this takes me back. Proper old skool Body Shop pink gloop that could totally be Pepto Bismol’s sister. I used to use this as a kid after I’d borrowed my mum’s '90s footspa. I remember rubbing it in between every little piggy toe and then sitting there while my feet tingled and felt all cool and moisturised, air drying. It doesn’t seem to have changed at all since then. Quality.

Chocomania Body Butter £5I’m not one for chocolate-scented products, but my kid loved this, so this one’s for her. Though saying that, it does smell rather delicious, and err, like chocolate. Way back when I was a teenager, shopping in TBS was all about their fruity stacked glycerine soaps. Now, this is what they’re famous for: an immense selection of body butters, which truly can’t be beaten. At the last count they had a whopping 19 different scented varieties from a shimmery coconut to hemp to Moroccan Rose. And if you find body butters too heavy, they offer lotions and oils too.

Cocoa Butter Moisturising Stick £7Right now, I’m preggers, so I’m rubbing this solid stick of cocoa butter all over my gut and hips like I’m buttering up a Christmas turkey. This stick is meant to help protect skin from dreaded stretch marks (too late, I'm covered in the silvery suckers). It’s also ace for super dry patches of skin on elbows, toes and legs. It leaves skin feeling supple and conditioned, and during the day I get little wafts of it, emanating from my soon to be mahoosive torso.

Raspberry Ripple Shower Gel £2I don’t like fruit scented products, but my daughter grabbed this pink gloop and wouldn’t let it go. Chuck it in the bath for some bubbles too. You can’t grumble at a £2 price tag.

Like I said, TBS range is so bloody vast, I could sit here all day blathering on about all the different products, but I’ll spare you. Plus. I’ve got to go and wax my nose hair (regrowth’s a bitch). But, I do have to give worthy mentions to these items:

The new Absinthe hand care range which includes sanitiser, hand wash, hand butter and hand cream is specifically made for people whose hands stink. No really. If you’re a smoker and hate stinky tobacco fingers, you could either a) quit smoking or b) use a product from this range to combat that fag butt stench. If your hands stink of onion or garlic, or if you’ve been handling fish, seriously, buy this.

The Tea Tree range is ace for spotty skin, not to mention their Vitamin E moisturiser too. All their cute dinky little pots of lip butters, the banana conditioner (pulpy, pulpy goodness) the list goes on.

And I don’t think anyone could write about TBS without mentioning how damn kind they are to our world (apart from the schmuck who didn’t give me a job). I’m not sure you’ll find a company as devoted to animal cruelty-free products as this. Their dedication to sourcing fair trade ingredients is unparalleled as is their commitment to recycling and saving the earth.

So in theory, dropping a shit load of cash at TBS and treating yourself to some delicious treats, well, you’re kind of saving the world/standing up for animal rights/doing your bit for recycling not to mention a whole host of other good causes too. Well, that’s one way of looking at it. It’s kind of like your duty to shop there.

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