Have You Ever Had Your 'Ponytail' Waxed?

And does this come standard with bikini waxes now? HELP HELP HELP
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July 14, 2011
waxing, ponytail, bikini waxes

Verrrrrry little surprises me in the realm of depillation, but I think I have come across something.

I recently got a Groupon for a $25 Brazilian wax. (Is skimping on bikini waxes ill-advised, like buying sale meat?) Possibly, because toward the end, the aesthetician suddenly said, "Flip over for the pony tail."

To which I replied, "My pony tail?"

And she explained to me in the strictest medical terminology, "You know, the hair in the ass dimple."

And I died.

OK, actually I had a few reactions.

1) My goodness!

2) Is this a Thing?

3) If this is a Thing, why isn't there a novelty wedding dance song about it? Flip over for the pony tail! Now just the bride's family.

Have you ever heard this called this before? I feel like I didn't need a new area to worry about keeping panna cotta smooth. Please let me know if this is something you all have been well aware of and margarita-brunch-horror-storrying over without me, and furthermore, if it's OK to complain about the thoroughness of your wax when you're paying less than the cost of an expensive burger for it.