HARRY POTTER NAIL POLISH! The Collection Based Off Of The Seven Horcruxes. Yes, Really.

We ALL love Harry Potter!
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December 23, 2013
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Of all the things that I love and obsess over on the regular, including pop music, luminizers, and my bank account, there is nothing I love more than Harry Potter. We ALL love Harry Potter!

A big part of my devotion stems from the fact that I was the perfect age when the first book was released, being that I was Harry’s age, so I really grew up with the series. I grew up with Harry! Each part of my life is linked to a book in the seven-part series.

I think those books are why I’m such an avid reader today, and are a large reason that I’m a (horrible) writer. Finally, Harry and I have a lot in common, in that I, too, am a boy wizard who’s being chased by dark forces, but instead of Lord Voldemort, in my case, it’s the IRS.

Late one night, I was trolling Instagram, and I came across a couple swatches of polish that were part of “The Horcrux Collection” by a line named 365 Days of Color. Could it BE? Harry Potter themed nail polish line?! Be still my muggle heart! Once I finally got my wits about me, I reached out to Sunny, creator of the line, who graciously sent me (by owl) the entire line. But if you're not getting them for free, each polish is $8, which is about the price of a paperback. They're also available in minis for $4.50, or in sets of all seven!

These seven polishes are inspired by the seven Horcruxes that Lord Voldemort created -- that Harry had to destroy in order to finally defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. A Horcrux, if you’re unfamiliar, is an object that contains part of your soul, made when trying to achieve immortality. In order to split your soul, you must commit murder and then house that fragment of your soul in an object, so that even if your body is mortally wounded a piece or pieces of your soul will still survive on earth.

I say there are much easier ways to achieve immortality, like, just get a good eye cream, you know? Anyway, Voldemort split his soul seven times, and hid his soul in the following places.


Voldemort hid his soul in his teenage diary, which Harry destroyed in The Chamber of Secrets, without even realizing it was a Horcrux!

The Diary is actually my favorite polish from the line, so it’s fitting we begin with it. It’s a sheer, milky off-white/grey base with tiny flecks of black and blue glitter. It layers nicely to give a very multidimensional look, with the glitters from the first coat visible beneath the murky layers of polish. The best part is that the polish is dusted with clear, holographic glitter only visible when the light hits it, reflecting bright rainbow colors.

I’m wearing it right now and I LOVE it. It’s not your typical glitter polish, so your nails won’t look like a disco ball. I’m wearing four (yes, four) thin coats in the photo. The dry time is virtually nonexistent, so it didn’t take me forever to apply all four coats.


The next Horcrux is Marvolo Gaunt’s ring, which was destroyed by the real OG, Professor Albus Dumbledore.

The Ring is a duochrome polish that starts green and reflects gold and turquoise in different lights. Douchromes are always fun to mess around with, and it’s fun to see one coming from a small line. I’m wearing four coats in the photos below.

One of my favorite things about this polish is how it looks with just one sheer coat over a bare nail. Sort of a swampy iridescent that I didn’t realize I loved until I had built the other coats over it.


Next we have Salazar Slytherin’s locket, destroyed by everyone’s favorite muscular ginger hottie, Ron Weasley.

The locket is a swampy, murky, olive green with a fine gold shimmer. Despite its description, it’s a very smart color and insanely pretty. It’s muted and shimmery all at once. While many of the colors in this collection are very sheer, I was able to achieve opacity in three coats.


Helga Hufflepuff’s cup was destroyed by the brains of the operation, Hermione Granger, a true xo girl if there ever was one.

The Goblet is a topcoat made up of numerous shapes and sizes of gold glitter suspended in a clear base. It’s really beautiful because of the large, flat, circular and hexagonal glitters that dramatically reflect light, and the finer shimmering gold glitter that compliments it.


I felt like finding and destroying Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem was such an afterthought compared to the rest of the seventh book. We were so close to the end and then Rowling was like, “Damn, I still have to get that one out of the way.” No matter, we got a scene with the Grey Lady out of it. Her ONE APPEARANCE IN THE ENTIRE SERIES.

The Diadem is another glitter topcoat, not unlike The Goblet, but with gold, silver, and royal blue pieces of glitter. It’s beautiful, multidimensional, and just as eye-catching as The Goblet.


Remember when Voldy put part of his soul inside of his evil snake sidekick that followed him around? That was weird. Good thing Neville sliced its head off. Sidenote: Remember when Neville got really hot?

The Snake is a very sheer green jelly polish with a fine green/gold shimmer. This might be the sheerest of the bunch, but I reached opacity in four thin coats and I really liked the overall look of the polish after using so many layers.

And finally!



(Yes, I know I flipflopped the order of those last two. I’m going for dramatic effect here.)

That MOMENT when Harry discovers that he himself is a Horcrux and he must sacrifice himself so that Voldemort can finally be defeated (BTW, this article is riddled with spoilers) -- HAVE YOU EVER CRIED SO HARD AT ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE? “Does it hurt? Will you stay with me?” I am HEAVING.

The Boy Who Lived can be used as a glitter topcoat and also as a full coverage glitter. In the photos, I chose to layer it up for full coverage. It’s a blue and green glitter suspended in a black tinted clear jelly. I again did four coats, which nearly covered -- but the jelly had layered up to be pretty dark, and the whole thing just came together beautifully. You could layer it, but I say wear it alone.

To summarize: Lots of greens and golds in this collection, all gorgeous. Very sheer, but with very minimal dry time. Inspired by the best book series ever.

LET'S TALK HARRY POTTER IN THE COMMENTS! Favorite character? Favorite book? If you had to make Horcruxes, what would they be?!

Tynan is a wizard on Twitter: @TynanBuck.