HANNAH SCHOOLS CAT: Cool Colors For Sultry Smokey Nightlife Eyes

OMG, have I actually abandoned my beloved black eyeshadow? YES. At least this week I have. Thanks to our associate beauty editor Hannah!
Publish date:
June 16, 2011
makeup, smokey eyes

Hi! OK, so my favorite eye makeup look is color color color, and while that may not be some amazing life-changing thing for you to hear, know THIS: I am usually ONLY, EXCLUSIVELY-AND-RIDICULOUSLY-SO about black, grey, and gunmetal (that's a silver/black/grey hybrid, ya heard) for my eyes, generally because I think anything other than the severe stuff is vaguely less sexy. BUT. I am wrong, you know.

I was just Not Bold! Afraid of experimenting. Scared to do something different and broaden my beauty horizons. Being a beauty editor means I am often stuck in my ways, you see, because I get sick of the trends that I am constantly covering, and that's just boring.

But lucky for me, I have a young up-and-coming hot shot beauty editor on my team to tell me what's pretty and what's hip! Yes, we all love ourselves some Hannah, and I've sent her a pathetic email asking her to take the reins HERE. Here are Hannah's NON-black smoky eye secrets, and they are HOT.

- Use a primer. With eye make-up, primer is always a must for lasting colour, but especially important with bright shades. It makes the colours pop and really pay off, rather than being a faded, sad mess.

- Use your eye colour as inspiration. Contrasting your eye colour with your eyeshadow is the key to making your eyes look brighter and bigger. Look at a colour wheel. Find your eye colour, and then look at the colour opposite it to find your perfect shade. Green-eyed girls, go for pink and burgundy tones. Blue eyes? Oranges and coppers. And golden-toned browns and hazels? Violet shades will look a-may-zing.

- Try to stay away from blue. Yeah, blue can be ok in the right context, but usually it just hearkens back to the 80s and looks a bit too Tammy Faye Bakker. If you're really keen on it, go with navy shades and accent it with a bit of gold shimmer for impact (ooh, now I want to try this).

- Keep the focus where it should be -- your eyes. The bolder and brighter you go on your eyes, the more subdued your lips should be. Try pale nudes and pinks, or even just a bit of chapstick. Your eyes are the focus here, let 'em do the talking.