Bambi? Is that you?
Publish date:
October 30, 2015
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I debated on doing this look last year, but I didn’t because I didn’t have antlers. I just COULDN’T do the look without antlers! (BTW, you totally can.)

As fate would have it, I came across a pair of antlers last year at Christmas and picked them up. My first thought that I exclaimed to my boyfriend? “Oh, COOL! I can totally use these for Halloween!” My love for Halloween knows no bounds.

For this look, you can use basic makeup items that you most likely already have, including:

  • Eye shadows (warm browns and a light cream for highlighting)
  • Black eye liner
  • White eye liner
  • Bronzer
  • Nude lipstick
  • Fake lashes (you don’t absolutely have to have these, but they really do add to the look)

I’ve broken this look down into five basic steps. I’ve also added my video tutorial below for further details and information.

Step One: The Base

Prep your skin with your moisturizer and primer. Use your foundation and concealer as you normally would. Next, you’re going to get a little crazy with the white eyeliner -- use it to fill in your T-zone (middle of your forehead and bridge of nose) for a really dramatic highlight.

Draw in your under eye highlight (upside down triangle from the corners of your eyes) with the white liner. I know. You’re going feel ridiculous. Don’t worry about it. It’s all going to come together in the end! Trust me!

Now just blend it out a bit with your finger, set it with powder, and your canvas is ready to go!

Step Two: The Bronzer

Here’s where it gets fun (and a little nuts). Grab your bronzer and apply it heavily onto your cheekbones and all the way along your hairline and temples.

Add some more down the sides of your nose from the starting point of your eyebrows. Extreme contour! SO much fun. Now make sure you blend it out a bit. We want it crazy, but not THAT crazy.

Step Three: The Eyes

I created a doe-eyed look by adding warm brown shadow in the crease and the outer corners of my eyes in a softer winged eye shadow look, making sure to really lift up the outer corner of my eye.

Now, add your light cream eyeshadow to your lid and brow bone, blending the edges to soften the shape a bit. Add white eyeliner to the waterline and inner corner of your eye, branching out to extend the shape of your inner eye front. Then, set it with your cream shadow.

Now line the top of your eye and wing it out. Add some more liner underneath the waterline in the outer corner of your eye. Extend the inner corner of your eye downwards along the white eyeliner you’ve placed there (this will pull the inner corner of your eye down).

Now, you shoud have two very doe-shaped eyes.

For the final step, curl your lashes and add mascara. Fill in your brows as you normally would. You can add your lashes now if you want too! (Pro-tip: I always wait until I’ve finished the look I’m creating before adding lashes, just in case they’ll get in the way if I want to change or add anything.)

Step Four: The Nose

This one is easy: you’re going to use some of your black eyeliner to create your Doe nose! Just fill in your nose from the nostrils up. I did mine in more of a straight across line at the top. You can change the shape a bit if you want! Whatever works.

Next, use whatever you used to do your brows (I used Anastasia dipbrow with an angle brush) and drag the lines of contour down your nose with it. You can use pencil or shadow, either works, just make sure the lines are really bold (especially compared to your bronzer nose contour).

Now you’re going to add your Doe Dots! Grab your white eyeliner and draw a few little circles on your cheekbones and above your brow.

Try to make them match on both sides of your face and make sure to set them with powder.

Step Five: The Lips

This lip is as normal as it gets. Just prime your lips and add your nude lipstick. Yep. That’s it.

TADA! We’ve done it! Now grab your antlers (if you have any) and you’re ready to go! If you don’t have any, that’s fine too (I think the Doe Dots really give away that you’re a Doe) and if you really want antlers but don’t have any I’m sure you can MacGyver something cool!

Here’s my tutorial on the look for further details and product info!

Have a safe and happy Halloween! Tag me in your recreations on instagram. I’d LOVE to see them!