9 Awesome Makeup-Driven Halloween Looks From the Creepy Genuises at xoVain

Don't worry. We got you.
Publish date:
October 29, 2014
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I'm going to be a sexy Hamburger this year so don't even ask.

However, if you are still looking for something to be this Halloween, you are shit out of luck and should probably just stay home. KIDDING. Obviously, the scary freaks at xoVain are here to bail your lazy ass out this year. They have come up with some some seriously spooky, sexy and psychotic costumes utilizing their superior makeup skills.

Lady Macbeth

So this is pretty much Fiona Apple meets one of the more depressing Shakespearean characters so this costume is best if you are looking to attract a particularly emotionally crippled hook-up on Friday night.

Scary Mouth

You want to know who this is? I have nightmares about getting murdered in my sleep by giant titanium bees. This is the creature that is telling them to sting me to death.

Junji Ito's Curse Of The Spiral

You can do this one if you are interested in some serious Sculpey work and absolutely terrifying (and just downright cool) results. Also, major points with the hipster nerds if they know who you are exactly.


Don't feel like being terrifying? Good. You don't have to be. You can be the manifestation of one of the most heartbreaking 15 minutes in the history of film. In other words, you can be the old guy from Up. PROTIP: Find a kid (legally) and a dog (also legally) and be the whole cast!

Silent Film Actress

This is the most amazing costume because as Trista over at xoVain points out, you don't have to talk to ANYBODY when you are wearing this one. It is part of your costume!

Marilyn Manson

This tutorial got an award from the Coalition Of Terrifying Spirits and Celebrities for Most Accurate Physical Representation Of Marilyn Manson By A Young Woman In The Midwest. You should try it if you want to scare away all the normies and make friends with all of the freaks.

American Horror Story: Asylum

Big fan of the TV? Me too! Asylum lost me when the aliens showed up (spoiler alert!) but it is really amazing just the same. Oh and even if you don't know what this is referencing (because you are a caveman) it is still a scary look.

A Golden Girl

If you want to be someone from the TV that isn't going to make kids run away screaming, get them running toward you screaming "GRANDMA! SHE DEFINITELY HAS CANDY!!!" Also, even if you don't want to do a Golden Girl per-se this is just an all-around great tutorial on aging makeup.

Zombie Hands

Not interested in putting stuff all over your face? Try these amazing zombie nails instead. You can dress totally normally and then have these really gross dead hands and the shock value at the Halloween party will be REAL.

There are even MORE ideas over on xoVain if none of these awaken the haunting within you. They killed it this year. So go check them out! Halloween is almost here!