Why I Wish I'd Had the Amika Movos Wireless Styler a Few Years Ago

The absence of a cord to trip on is only the beginning of the benefits.
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December 11, 2015
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I wish there were this many innovations to hair tools back when I was a really eager stylist. This new tool from Amika has me thinking back to moments when it would have saved my booty on set.

One steamy and humid Labor Day for the books a few years past, I had offered to help a friend out on set for her accessories campaign. I did this gratis, because it was one model and one style with minimal (so I thought) touchups. Plus, I was allowed to give prep instructions, considering this model had a full head of 3b curls. I asked her to do a light paddle-brush blowout to stretch the curl since the target look was sleek. I figured I would have to give her a smoothing sesh to get things perfect, but when she arrived completely un-prepped, I damn near fainted.

I was vaguely familiar with this girl, and we had always gotten along like two sheets of sandpaper, so I was rather annoyed as this doubled my work time. Photographers don't always understand the physics of hair, so time is always of the essence, rendering a from-scratch blowout out of the question. If I was meaner (and not a professional) I would have skipped the thermal protection as I power-ironed it into a pin-straight ponytail. But making rad content is more important, so she didn’t lose any hair that day.

As the pea-soup humidity fought to undo everything, I had to resort to painting gel directly onto frizz and re-ironing stubborn places constantly. Curl that hasn’t been stretched from wet to dry hates staying straight even after ironing, and awkwardly hopping in the frame to redo sections with a corded iron was no fun for anyone. Fortunately, I was able to make that hair do my bidding.

And let me tell you: a wireless iron on set would have truly made all the difference in the world.

If I had Amika’s Movos Wireless Styler, I could have maneuvered around nimbly, zapping unruly strands into submission with the precision of a Nascar tire-changing pit crew guy. With this newfangled iron's digital temperature control that adjusts heat in seconds, I could have applied more juice to dents and been more gentle to frizz. Had I a fully rechargeable wand of truth, I could have even made the ends slide back in line when smoke breaks undid my duties. With titanium plates instead of the typical ceramic, I could have used products to seal in my hard work instead of fearing for the plates’ finish.

It’s funny how you can get the job done well and still reminisce as to what could have been better, even years later, if I had then what I have now: the Movos Styler. But alas, time cannot be undone, so now I look forward to using it in my more civilian inclinations.

Movos lasts 30 minutes at full power, and longer on medium thanks to a Samsung battery. It's perfect for travel because it takes up far less space and is fully mobile. If a mirror is easy to find but an outlet is not, you can still get to work.

I have seen first hand how many women are ironing the ponytail dents out of their hair in the gym locker room after a workout. I think if that were me, I would much prefer tossing a fully charged and portable iron into my bag much more than a corded iron.

My only complaints: the docking station isn't great, and you can’t lock the buttons during use, so you will have to position your fingers not to hit them as you work. None of these things are as annoying as working around a cord—the number-one cause of every burn scar I have.

Nothing beats a fun and useful hair tool, and Movos is good-looking, works well in all the fun ways you can use an iron, and isn't crazy-expensive. Its plates float, so you don't pull out hair, and it uses all of the good heating technology like far-infared heat and a negative ionic charge. Much like their amazing Switch Kit, it makes a great gift for the hair junkie or a professional in your life.

  • Anyone feel like they need a wireless iron right now?
  • Who has a humid day hair horror story to share?

Photos: Maria Penaloza