Messy Devil Horn Buns: The William Okpo Fall 2014 Runway Hair Look

It's refreshing when designers have the confidence to choose hairstyles that are bold and unique and not just your average chignon.
Publish date:
February 24, 2014
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I've seen some pretty interesting hair looks at fashion presentations this season. The best ones, in my opinion, incorporate an oft-overlooked element in hairstyling: TEXTURE.

Sure, smooth hair is an obvious sign of health, youth, or kempt-ness, but when trying to express a deeper theme, texture can push the envelope to the right level. It's refreshing when a brand has the confidence to choose styles that are bold and unique and not just your average chignon.

William Okpo is a line founded by two sisters in Brooklyn, and their star has been rising steadily. This season, the looks bestow a kind of maturity and presence that needs an element of youth. A few of the more youthful looks were treated to more conventional hairstyles, but the main focus was on the devil-horn buns.

This is a super-simple look to recreate, so grab a teasing comb and a few pins and follow along!

First, part your hair into two sections down the middle, forehead to nape.

Grab a section of hair on one side from the part to your ear, leaving out the length in the back and the fringe area in the front.

Tease this section and twist away from the face into a loose bun right at the crown, secure with at least two bobby pins.

Grab the back section and backcomb toward the scalp; then twist towards the center while gathering this section up near the bun you have created. You will be wrapping the subsequent sections around this original bun to build volume from the bottom up.

Twist or arrange this section around the base of the bun and secure with hair pins this time.

Gently pull some of the existing bun upwards to loosen it and create the cone shape.

Last, take the fringe area section, backcomb just a little, and smooth before arranging around the base of the other two sections and pinning.

You can certainly keep this look as smooth as you like by lightly combing the visible portion of the section before securing it. My hair tends to have fickle volume capacity, so I need to build a serious cushion if I want it to last.

This look reminds me of a cross between a Medieval lady and Maleficent, which makes it pretty badass.