Your Limp Hair is Begging You to Replace Your Leave-In Conditioner with Dry Conditioner

What sorcery is this?
Publish date:
April 15, 2016
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We all know what dry shampoo is: it's that stuff we spray in our hair on our second (or fifth) day of not washing, praying to the style gods for it to sop up the oils in our lifeless, greasy hair and return to us some mattified volume and texture.

But what the heck is dry conditioner, and why do we need it?

My hair is... difficult, to say the least. About three years ago, I bleached my hair platinum blonde and became severely anemic from taking a crash course into veganism, all within the same month. These two factors caused my once-voluminous hair to fall out in droves and, to be honest, it hasn't looked the same since.

I still color and style my hair, which results in severe breakage and frizziness. My hair cries for moisture; however, I've shied away from leave-in conditioner and hydrating treatments, because they tend to weigh down my already-limp hair. Because my hair is so thin and unfortunate, I always opted for volume over weighty moisture.

I thought I just couldn't win... until I discovered the beauty of dry conditioner.

Dry Conditioner is the weightless, dry version of leave-in conditioner. I'm still not sure how it's magically able to soften and smooth out my hair while giving it volume, but I'm pretty convinced Hermione Granger is behind it.

I hold the can a good six inches away from my head spray the tips of my hair (or anywhere that needs hydration) in second-long spurts.

I then finger-comb my hair to smooth out all frizziness and work the product evenly through my hair. The result is super-smooth, soft, touchable hair that smells like a mix between a masculine cologne, incense, and a fancy hair salon (which, to me, is intoxicating).

I've also been using it on my freshly cleaned hair to add volume and softness after I blow dry.

And even with using the product every day, I haven't noticed any major build-up. Generally, with dry shampoos, when my hair looks good, it still feels gross. I can literally feel the dry shampoo clogging my roots and clinging to my scalp. However, with the dry conditioner, I can reapply without feeling like I have 10 pounds of gunk in my hair.

Extra bonus: It has even made my extensions feel like new! Because I like to switch up my style on the daily, I wear extensions quite often. They are super-dry; however spraying my extensions with the dry conditioner has made them exceedingly more malleable and pleasant to deal with. I'm no long afraid of someone reaching out to touch my corpse-y, straw-like hair.

I'm telling you, it's magic only a wizard could be behind.

  • Have y'all tried the Drybar dry conditioner? Or another brand's?
  • What is your hero haircare product?