Where In The World Is My Side Flip? And I'm A Jerk

Here's a short tutorial on how to be a jerk yourself and also a chance to win a DAVINES product!
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October 15, 2013
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Hi it's me, Annie's side flip, coming atchya live from the beautiful Santa Monica, California.

Just kidding, I'm at the Say Media HQ in NYC. But Santa Monica looked nicer on the homepage, right?

Anyway, Halloween's coming up and, let's face it, it's really just a holiday for jerks. "Trick or treat"?? What, you're going to do something totally douchey if I don't provide you with some sort of incentive to be a decent human being?

Well, if you're asking me (Annie's side flip, remember?), yes. Which is exactly why, upon being provided with my very own set of keys to Dude's apartment, I entered his place, noticed he was in the bathroom, and proceeded to crawl under his bed and wait. When he finally sat on the edge of his bed to put some socks on, I made everybody's worst nightmare come to life and violently grabbed his ankles.

It. Was. Hilarious. I highly recommend trying this out yourself, 'tis the season after all.

For karma's sake, today I'm giving away a bottle of Davines N°3 Universal Mattering Mousse, as mentioned in my gushing rant about the brand earlier today. Seriously, I want all of you to experience Davines at least once in your lifetime.

Selfie your hairs and tell me about your biggest jerk move AND be in the US and over 18. (Some of you caught that I failed to mention that last time... Chicks after my own cold, dead heart. Good work.) Congrats to Mapsandpeaches! Not sure where you are, but you've won the Unicorn's Mane serum and I'll try my damndest to get it to you, regardless of company policy!