Quick Question: What's The Longest Your Hair Has Ever Been?

Brace yourself: My 15-year-old midriff is featured prominently in this post.
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July 11, 2013
Quick Question, long hair

Yesterday, on my way to work, I saw not one but two women with remarkably long hair. Like, past-their-butts long. They weren't together--one was on the R train, the other in the lobby--but the rarity of seeing of two adult women with Crystal-Gayle-esque hair within about 20 minutes united them in my mind foreverrrrrr.

As I've mentioned, I wore my hair super-long until fifth grade. What I didn't mention is that I grew it back out to my waist when I was a freshman in high school.

Although I've gone back and forth between short and long hair since then, my hair's never been THAT long again. It's not that I think I'm too old for super-long hair or that I can't get it to that length again--I actually can. But my hair just doesn't look and feel the way it did back when I wore ridiculous casual attire.

Maybe that's the trade off. Maybe I have to dress like a '90s nightmare to get my hair so healthy-looking again. (Probably not.)

ANYWAY, today's Quick Question: What's the longest your hair has ever been? How old were you?