Quick Question: What Do You Do While Deep-Conditioning?

This is the one time it's OK to multitask!
Publish date:
July 3, 2013
Quick Question, hair masks, deep conditioners, l' oreal

I totally suck at remembering to deep-condition my hair. I typically keep a deep conditioner or hair mask in my shower, but I neglect it; either that or I expect its mere presence on the shower caddy to somehow beautify my hair.

When I do remember to use a deep conditioner, it's always the wrong time. I'll be like, "Damn, my hair is looks like something horses would gnaw on. I should do that deep conditioner today," but I'll be in a rush and won't be able to leave it on for the full recommended treatment time. Even when I do have time, I'll find I should have planned better.

For example, the new L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm is supposed to be left on for about five minutes, which doesn't seem like much until you're standing in the shower for five minutes doing nothing but... standing.

Sure, the hydration and split-end-fixing is worth the boredom, but despite my tirade against multitasking yesterday, THIS IS THE TIME TO MULTITASK.

So, today's QQ: What do you do while deep-conditioning? Do you wait to shave until it's on your hair? Say hello to the little man in the boat? Practice your karaoke? Do tell!