How I Warmed Up My Blonde Without Going Yellow

The Wella color that made my hair a perfect, ever-so-slightly warm shade.
Publish date:
January 27, 2014
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I've wanted to try dying my hair a warmer honey blonde for
a while now. Don’t get me wrong--I love the white/ash grey that I usually end up
with, but everyone craves a change now and then, and I can’t help but think a
warm toner would work better with various shades of pink.

The only problem is,
I am absolutely terrified of anything that resembles yellow.

In the summer, I tan really darkly. I’m not quite sure why, but I
think it has something to do with my 50% New Zealand blood. My mom tans darkly,
my grandma tans darkly, etc. The downfall is that when I have blonde hair with even a touch of yellowyness
(it’s a word), I end up looking like a real-life Malibu Barbie. For this
reason, I steer away from any hair dye package marked “golden,” “honey,” or “warm.”

But this past week, I was feeling brave. The winter blues were
pulling me down more and more each day, and I needed a change to bump up my

I headed over to Sally Beauty supply and combed the shelves for the swatch that looked the least like hay or
McDonald's french fries. That’s when I found Wella Color Charm in Honey Beige Blonde.

Also known as 10NG/1070, the swatch for this colour looks like
a slightly warm pinky blonde, and it turned out pretty much identical on my
hair (though the roots are a bit more golden because they weren’t

I used a 20 volume developer to ensure the pink/non-bleached
parts lifted enough, sat around for about half an hour, and then rinsed.

The result was a lovely, slightly creamy beige blonde that
complimented my skin tone perfectly. Not too yellow, not too grey, and just a
touch of leftover pinkyness. I am so happy with the colour that I just had to
tell you guys about it!

What is your favourite hair dye/toner? Do you always use the
same ones, or do you mix it up sometimes?