3 Ways I'm Styling My Bangs Of Regret

How I'm keeping it cute during that weird growing-out-your-bangs period.
Publish date:
January 19, 2015
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I got bangs--long curtain bangs--and I regret it. This isn't the first time, so I should have known better and tried clip-ins instead.

Check it out...

And this is what it looks like when I try to emulate my stylist’s magic with a flat iron.

But at least, as I count the days until the bangs grow out, I've found three cute hairstyles for this in-between phase.

1. Switch up your part.

This first one is simple. My bangs were meant to be parted in the middle, but there’s no reason why they can’t do double duty. I’m taking my cues from Alle’s side part. My hair naturally parts in the center, so creating a deep side part gives it lots of volume. I really like doing this style when I’m wearing my glasses--I find the side part breaks up the symmetry of the face.

Cute braids around the face are all over Pinterest. I’m generally not that dexterous at braiding, but this one is easy. Sometimes I skip the braid altogether and just go for a twist. The secret is in adding hair to the braid from the front, rather than the back. You can hide the bobby pins under the rest of your hair, or use pretty ones.

This doesn’t really require products, but dry shampoo can give the braid or twist more texture. I like to combine this with a high ponytail for maximum cheerleader effect.

I find that big hair gives me extra sass. When the volume that a side part gives me isn’t enough, I call in the heat tools. I get the most natural-looking curls with a one-inch curling wand. I alternate curling sections of hair toward and away from my face.

When it comes to the bangs, divide them into three or more sections, adding a piece of longer hair to each one. Curl the bangs away from your face, with the wand right at the roots. Try not to burn your scalp. Finish up with a spritz of hairspray and then comb through the hair with your fingers so you don’t look like a poodle.

  • What’s your biggest hair regret?
  • Are you a member of the I-Hate-My-Bangs-Club?
  • How do you deal?