The Most Volumizing Shampoo At The Drugstore

I dreamed a dream of big hair and this $6 shampoo gave it to me, and then some.
Publish date:
March 16, 2015
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I’ve been wanting to try L’Oreal Fibralogy shampoo and conditioner ever since The Guardian beauty columnist Sali Hughes called it her "buy of the year" for fine, thin hair. I’ve gotten some great tips from Sali's column in the past, and she has a reputation for being honest about products.

According to the L’Oreal representative I spoke with, Fibralogy is not available in the US. However, L’Oreal Volume Filler contains the same active ingredient, Filloxane, which promises to “expand the diameter of the hair fiber,” making each hair thicker.

The collection consists of a shampoo, conditioner, texturizing mask, and thickening booster. In Canada, each product costs $6 to $7.50. I tested the shampoo and conditioner, because I can’t be bothered with extra steps in my hair routine. On my first day of use, I noticed that my hair had a slightly different texture. By day four, my hair definitely looked and felt thicker, and the volume lasted all day.

After a week of using it, my hair had so much volume that it was messing with me!

For one thing, the extra volume doesn’t work with my haircut. I have a long-on-top pixie because my hair is fine, slippery, and hard to style. The haircut does most of the work: I only have to do a little styling to make it look decent.

Now my hair is all puffed up with Hair Science, but it’s still slippery and straight, and I don’t know what to do with it.

I also miss my flat-hair days! Often, when it’s freshly washed, I work with my hair’s natural texture by combing it down in a flat Twiggy-inspired style. It makes me feel neat and tidy and adorable. On non-washing days, I wake up with nice high plume that’s easy to style. Now my hair is voluminous every day and it feels monotonous.

It took me a while to adjust to the texture, too. Even freshly washed, my hair feels a bit dirtier than I’d like, and it looks a little dull. I’ve been hesitant to put a shine enhancer on since my hair already feels a little greasy.

Since most of you don’t have pixies, I gave a sample to a friend who has long, fine, straight hair.

She reported similar results: truly fuller hair, lasting volume, and less shine. “Overall, I definitely liked being able to wear my hair down without it looking totally flat and limp,” she said. “I even got some compliments that my hair looked nice down. I only wish my hair was a little shinier.” Also, neither of us liked the smell, which has a harsh chemical undertone. (Though, for only $6, I’m not expecting Oribe-level fragrance).

Final verdict: The Fibralogy line really did give me more volume, more than I needed. I’ll probably return to my old shampoo and get volume from Batiste Dry Shampoo and Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray. But if you don’t have a solid technique for creating volume, or if you want more volume every single day, you should definitely try Fibralogy.

  • Have you ever struggled with too much volume?
  • Am I just being a huge baby?
  • Has anyone tried L’Oreal Volume Filler with Filloxane?