Fine Hair? You're Gonna Get Really Excited About These New Products

How did no one figure out how to add volume and moisture to fine hair before this?

Thin hair is a blessing and a curse, in my opinion. I'll never have the voluminous, shiny locks of a Kardashian. It makes me sad sometimes, but other times, when my hair air-dries in minutes I thank my lucky stars that my hair is on the thinner side.

My hair has always been a bit of a conundrum for me because I need volumizing products, but I also need products that moisturize and cut down on frizz. You can see how this could be a problem: if you have thin hair and you get a heavy moisturizing product too close to your scalp, it looks dirty, it weighs the hair down, and basically destroys any hope you have of a good hair day. I've had days where I've had to completely start over and wash my hair again because I got a smoothing oil a tad too close to my roots.

A few new beauty launches have me excited about being able to have moisturized hair without it being weighed down or greasy.

StriVectin has been around for a while now in the skincare arena, but they've just launched their haircare line, comprised of three different collections: Ultimate Restore, Max Volume, and Color Care. I was immediately drawn to the Max Volume line Root Lifting Spray and Bodifying Radiance Serum.

I'm skeptical of basically anything that you spray on your roots if it's not dry shampoo, but the Root Lifting Spray truly feels weightless and non-greasy. The Radiance Serum is also super-lightweight, as opposed to the normally heavy oils I've been using on my ends.

TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner and Shampoo are a new "reverse system." The premise is simple: you condition the hair first, and then wash it. You get all the moisture, but none of the weight.

This feels very why-didn't-I-think-of-this-before to me. We're already co-washing (washing with conditioner), so why not reverse wash?

The results are pretty awesome for me, especially if I'm air-drying my hair, because the curls aren't weighed down. Anybody with curls knows that the goal is for curls to have maximum bounce, so while you want them to be moisturized, you don't want them to be flat.

Bumble and bumble's new addition to the Surf collection comes out in April, and I got my greedy little hands on a can early, so I'm tickled pink. I'm not fanatical in my love of the original Surf Spray, or other products like it, because my hair is frizz-prone. Salt sprays generally leave my hair feeling a little too unkempt and crunchy. That's fine for a beach day, but not always a great look for me in the dead of winter in NYC under a beanie.

Last summer, they came out with the Surf Infusion, a hybrid of a salt spray and hair oils, which gave me the beach hair I've always wanted without the frizz. If I'm going to air dry my hair, it's a go-to product for me. Now the newest product launch in the line, Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry combines sea salt with coconut water for moisture, UV filters to protect against the sun, AND A MOUSSE for volume. (So, basically, the hair product of my dreams).

If you're one of my fellow thin-haired people, and you haven't gotten on board with mousse yet, you're missing out on voluminous curls, my friend. Whether they're natural curls, or you use a blow-dryer or curling iron, mousse gives light, airy volume and doesn't weigh the curls down. Combine a mousse with a salt spray, and all of a sudden, we're talking texture and volume for days. It's a spray-on formula that goes on white, like a typical mousse would, but without the crunch that you can get from some mousses.

  • What are your favorite products to use on thin hair?
  • Do you feel like you've had to sacrifice moisture for fullness?