This Vintage Hair Dryer Was The Best Purchase Ever

The Lady Schick Consolette is the most OG beauty appliance I never knew I wanted.
Publish date:
September 23, 2013
vintage, curls, '60s, throwbacks, bonnet dryers, hooded hair dryers, Lady Schick Consolette

I bought this vintage hair dryer on a whim when I was shopping for boob-smushing dirndls on Etsy. It's a Lady Schick Consolette, and it's compact and portable. But most importantly it's robin's egg blue and from the '60s, which is how all of my beauty appliances should be.

After a quick Ebay search, I'm realizing that I've slightly overpaid, but that's good news if you're interested in having one for yourself, as they range from about $20-$40.

I'll probably take it in to get the motor serviced. It works fine, but I want this thing at it's full potential. Who am I kidding, can't even make myself take stuff to the tailor. The only real drawback is that it has that vintage object smell that's usually reserved for when the original owners have been dead for at least eight years. RIP, Barbara/Ursula. (I'm guessing/hoping that one of these was her name.)

The industry term for these things is "Bonnet Dryer," but I prefer "Dome Of Excellence." They're perfect for setting curls and helping hair masks penetrate under a foil cap. And they're so utterly OG beauty bitch. I can't even with myself right now typing this sitting under my robin's egg blue dome in a Badescu mask, my peacock robe, and La Perla panties that weren't even on sale.

Do you own any vintage beauty stuff? I'm thinking about starting a collection.