This Dry Shampoo Gives Me the Volume of My Disco Fever Dreams

For volume, you can always trust a brand from Texas.
Publish date:
March 8, 2016
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There are some beauty products I've accepted are just never going to work for me. Salt spray, por ejemplo. As a girl with fine, curly hair, I've accepted I'll never achieve beachy, rich-girl waves, and I'm okay with it, because I think that hair is boring.

Then there's clay masks. As my skin's grown more sensitive over the past few years, I've yet to meet a clay mask that hasn't left my skin raw, itching and red within minutes. Give me moisturizing sheet masks all day, but keep that clay away, please.

And for a while, I assumed dry shampoo was just a product I was never going to understand. First of all, I wash my hair almost every day. My hair is thin and fine, plus I workout daily, so my hair gets real gross if I don't scrub it down on the reg.

And most dry shampoos I'd tried until recently left me disappointed, and frankly, just craving another shower. Most spray dry shampoos, and the classic baby-powder hack as well, left my dark-brown hair with a weird white cast, which left me feeling like it was the morning after Halloween and I'd mistakenly dressed up the night before as sexy Einstein or something.

Even if they did manage to avoid the white cast, everything just made my hair feel like it was full of product. When you've got hair as thin as mine, even "lightweight" products can bog it down, and most dry shampoos just made my hair feel heavy, matted down, or grosser than it was before.

So I wrote off dry shampoos as a not-for-me product. Then, a few months ago, the Austin, Texas, brand Verb sent me their dry shampoo, and I'm ready to convert to the world of dry shampoo lovers. I get it now. I've found my One True Dry Shampoo, and I'm never turning back.

Verb Dry Shampoo is a loose powder, housed in a chic and minimalist squeeze bottle. To use it, you simply divide your hair section by section, tilt the bottle, and lightly sprinkle a bit of powder into your roots, right onto your scalp. I like to apply some along three different parts across the top of my head. Just a tiny bit does the trick!

I part my bangs into two sections and sprinkle some there as well, to keep them from getting too stringy or piece-y.

After applying, let the powder sit for a minute or two so it can soak up whatever grease or gunk is chillin' on your head. Then, using your hands (or a brush, but I never brush my hair), froof your hair and really spread that stuff around. The powder becomes invisible quite quickly and leaves no residue or white cast leftover.

Like I said, though, my hair is usually pretty clean. So instead of using this product for "shampoo" purposes, I'm just using it for its volumizing properties. And hoooo boy — this stuff gives me the American Hustle, '70s Jessica Lange, post-backstage-romp hair of my disco fever dreams. After a quick froof and a head-shake, your hair will feel bigger, thicker, and full of more life than a homebody like me deserves at all!

I've tried many a volumizing product in my day, and this is the best stuff I've ever used. Ever! I should have known for serious volume, you turn to Texas. Come on.

But seriously, Verb has given this thin-haired woman-child serious shampoo-commercial confidence. Thanks, Verb! You're the best.

Oh, and to seal in all your volume for the day, I highly recommend following up with a quick spritz of Verb's Ghost Hairspray, which is another legit-perfect product. It's super-lightweight, but still provides a good amount of natural-looking medium hold. It's the only reason I'm brave enough to even blowout my hair these days.

Oh, and for ultimate volume/confidence, I'd like to share with you my signature froof-and-flirt technique, via my FIRST EVER gif. Watch and learn, disco superstars.

  • What's your go-to volume product?
  • Are there any types of beauty products you just don't understand, or choose to avoid? If I can find and adore a dry shampoo, I'm starting to believe anything is possible. Maybe love IS real, you guys!