The Easy, Super-'90s Way I Keep Grown-Out Bangs out of My Face

Bangs, fringe, breakage — whatever you call it, it'll fit in some butterfly clips.
Publish date:
December 21, 2016
hair accessories, hairclips, 90s hair, Butterfly Clips

Fashion is, as we all know, cyclical. Even at the age of twenty three (cries) I can see it — from the nu-rave, Skins series one, eighties nonsense of my teenage-dom and into the Kylie Jenner, Mac Velvet Teddy, “grunge” resurgence of the last couple of years. It’s all spookily familiar.

But retro fashion is clever. It takes only the happy, warm and fuzzy aspects of an era, and leaves behind all the problems and the bad taste. Then our past gets tinted with a rosy aura, and our present seems shockingly gray and dull by comparison. It’s pernicious, really.

But guess what? Bad shit existed in the 90s, too. At any time, in any place, rest assured — bad shit exists. Call it Annie’s law (Please don’t). And sometimes bad shit comes in the form of butterfly clips. I love butterfly clips, and thus we have our beauty tie in. Seamless.

My hair is a beast that cannot be tamed. I don’t even really understand what “doing hair” is. Until the other day, I didn’t even own a hairdryer. I just dye it and let it lay atop my head, hoping the “interesting” (read: "ugly") colors will be enough of a disguise from its boringness.

Plus, I am still, one year on, growing out an ill-advised fringe. Combined with the baby-haired forehead of a bleach addict, hair is often in and around my face. I’ve tried all the “acceptable” hair clips of the mid-2010s, and they all leave me cold. Sometimes you need to grab life by the balls, and let clips grab you by the hair.

The clips in question came in a pack of twelve from a dollar store. Some are tortoiseshell and some are black. You could go full pink glitter, but I choose to mediate my ugly hair accessories by sticking to neutrals. What’s distinct about these are their perfect hair grabbable size, and the fact they haven’t broken despite being tossed into the bottom of many bags.

What I do for my butterfly clipped “look” is take each side of my hair and do a single twist. Don’t try too hard, because I can’t make this neat. You’re basically aiming to tuck your too-short, fluffy, bad hairs underneath your correct length, slightly less fluffy, okay hairs. After you’ve twisted (or sort of folded it over,) attach your clips. And look: done. Hair is not only out of your face, but it’s sort of in a hair “do.”

It’s like half-up half-down for people who are incapable of doing anything with hair. It’s cute, right?

And the best part is, the butterfly clips do all your work for you. They are like tiny little hands, holding your hair exactly where you wanted it, and keeping it there all day long.

  • What do you think? Acceptable?
  • How do you keep your non-fringe out of your face?
  • What’s your favourite aspect of this 90s renaissance?