Once You Use Beard Wax On Your Brows You Never Go Back

Because if you can’t use a boy’s beard wax, what good is it to date them anyway?
Publish date:
April 3, 2015
eyebrows, grooming, men's products, beard wax

This is the ultimate he for she quick beauty hack, because beards and brows aren't so different after all. Fellas, if you're listening, I'd like to borrow your beard wax.

Combining my strong feminist values with my love for borrowing and repurposing, I’ve been known to appropriate the grooming supplies of boyfriends past and present into my own routine.

Nothing is off limits, colognes, hair products, and of course, the product of the hour, beard wax. Because if you can’t use a boy’s beard wax, what good is it to date them anyway?

In a quick pinch you can use your husband’s, boyfriend’s, brother’s, dad’s, or local hirsuite neighbor’s beard wax to tame some of those super unruly brow hairs.


Here's a before picture of my lovely model, Stephanie.

After you shape and fill in your brows, dip a flat brush into a tin of wax and apply a light layer over the hairs, just enough to shape and hold them, without making them look piece-y, unless that's what you're going for, which, by all means, coat away, girl.

Then I like to do a quick once over with a clean mascara wand to brush things out and add definition.

Voila! Beard wax: leading the way to better brows and thereby a better world.

  • What "men's products" have you co-opted for your own use?
  • Have you ever tried beard wax on your brows?
  • Are you into bearded men? I wanna know, ladies.