Whip Your Lazy Ponytail Into Shape In Two Minutes

These two options are way too easy.
Publish date:
November 7, 2013
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I’m a big snoozer. Even with my alarm clock on the other side of the room, under the bed or even having five different alarms will not get me out of bed early. I’ll snooze for at least an hour, but I at least make it to work on time. (Hi, boss!)

This is all at the cost of my morning beauty routine, however. It has slowly become something that I give less and less time to. Back in the day, when I was a 17-year-old college freshman, I used to take two hours to get ready. I used a blow dryer and a curling iron every day.

Now I give it five minutes, and yes, my hair is healthier, thanks for asking! I, however, tend to put my hair up a lot. I don’t have time to do my entire hair, so I just end up using a ponytail as a base for many hairstyles. And they take two minutes, tops! Sometimes being lazy does pay off.

This one probably takes a minute and a half.

Start by making a loose ponytail at the middle of your head. I’ve seen this hairstyle starting at the back of the neck, but ultimately, having the ponytail at the middle of the head will show off the hairstyle more. (And it looks way better, in my opinion.)

Then loosen the ponytail at the base and make a small hole.

Flip the ponytail upward, and pull it through the hole. Don’t worry about having a clean-looking ponytail. Leaving it a little messy and pulling some small hairs out makes it look more… chic!

Then grab a brush and tease your ponytail to give it more texture. You can skip this if you want to be out the door sooner rather than later. It looks so much better teased, though.

Finally, grab your favorite brooch or hair accessory and pin it to finish it off.

Yeah… that was definitely less than two minutes.

And one more!

Curling your ponytail is probably the easiest, laziest thing you can do to make your ponytail look like it knows how to keep it together. I remember all of the rich Mexican chicks from my high school doing this.

I’d like to add that I usually turn on the curling iron before I do anything else like wash my face or put on my makeup on so the iron is nice, hot and ready when I arrive.

Quickly put your hair up at the highest point on your head (for some reason I feel like the higher the ponytail, the more you seem to care). Then grab your curling iron and curl half-inch sections of your ponytail.

Yeah, super-easy. And now you look super-cute! Yay!