How To Turn Pigtail Braids Into ANOTHER Fancypants Updo

A second pretty, stupid-easy look you can make from a childhood hairstyle standard.
Publish date:
April 23, 2014
braids, How-To, updos

Remember when I regaled you all with the
wonders of pigtail braids transformed into updos? Well, fortunately (I think)
there’s more where that came from.

Most of the time, when I just want to
get my hair off my face, I put it in a simple bun. But hair ruts are my arch
nemesis, and sometimes I want something a little more complicated than a bun but
can still do in just a few minutes.

Pigtail braids are really like the Charmander
of the hairstyle world: it looks pretty cute, until BAM--it’s a flying, magnificent Charizard. By Charizard, I of
course mean low braided twist. It may not fly, but it is elegant, classy and
outrageously easy. Here’s how to do it!

And you're done!

I really like that this looks super
elegant but takes just a couple minutes, and it keeps my hair out of my face
and neck. As I strive for in all hairdos, it’s fancy tea party approved, but
you could also do this for work or something a bit more serious.

There’s a ton of options for variations,
from the same base of braids. If I’m really lazy, I’ll just grab both braids
and twist them together into a simple bun. Or you can twist each braid
separately into two cute low buns. No matter what you do, pigtail braids are a
really underrated, super-easy place to start from.