I've Been 'Triple Conditioning' My Hair And People Are Noticing

Over the past few months, I've mixed and matched products and tried to find a product lineup and process that works best for me, and I think I might have very well found my holy hair trifecta.
Publish date:
January 13, 2014
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I'm forever on the quest for healthier hair, especially since I sort of beat my hair up with the occasional color treatment and incessant use of styling tools; not to mention I live in an area of the country where humidity basically doesn't exist. (At least we don't have wind chills, though, amirite Phoenicians?)

One of the perks of being a beauty writer is trying new products on a regular basis, so you can bet your bottom dollar that I've tried approximately 500 bajillion haircare products over the years. And here's my big fat juicy secret: many of them work. Many of them work really well. A company wouldn't spend so much money touting and branding and manufacturing a product if they didn't believe in it or if it were a dud. The key, my dears, is to just make sure you're using the haircare products that work best for YOUR hair.

My hair? Well, it's thick, wavy and prone to drying out. I use heat about twice a week--whenever I wash--and color it about once every four months.

If you have a somewhat similar hair type or if your hair is in desperate need of moisture rejuvenation, you've wandered into the correct corner of the Internet.

Over the past few months, I've mixed and matched products and tried to find a product lineup and process that works best for me, and I think I might have very well found my holy hair trifecta. The proof is in the pictures, but what's even more convincing is that people have actually started commenting on how healthy my hair looks these days.

I'm dubbing it a "triple conditioning" and I do it once every two to three weeks. Lemme 'splain.

After shampooing--this oscillates between Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo and O&M Hydrate & Conquer--I apply KMS California Free Shape Deep Conditioner. First off all, this stuff smells amazing. Like, really amazing. And also, it's purple, so that's pretty cool.

According to the description, this is a rich conditioner that "tames, smoothes and increases pliability of coarse or unruly hair to make it more responsive to heat styling." It delivers on the bottle inscription.

Like any deep conditioner, you leave it in your hair for a few minutes after shampooing and then rinse.

Following my shampoo and deep condition, I apply White Sands ER Fusion Emergency Reconstructive Treatment and comb it through my clean, wet hair.

This product "deeply replenishes tensile strength, infuses a balance of conditioning hydriants for softness, flexibility, comb-ability, shine and volume, keeping color radiant and guarding against color fading and breakage." It makes my hair feel somewhat slick right after applying and does make it more manageable during and after the styling process.

Per the instructions, after combing through my hair, I set it under heat for about 10 to 20 minutes. I've also skipped the "setting" period and gone straight to a blow dry, which seems to work just as well.

After blow drying my hair--on medium with a round, bristle boar brush--I apply a generous amount of Agave Healing Oil treatment, focusing mostly on my ends. This also smells incredible.

It is a very thick oil, which put me off at first. I was afraid it would just sit on my hair and look greasy, but my hair soaks it all up quickly and leaves it looking soft and hydrated.

I use this before flat-ironing or curling as a heat protectant. I also use a teeny bit on my ends in between wash days to keep them looking nourished. I know this product is a little pricey, but it's seriously one of the best hair oils I've used and it lasts forever.

I've tried each of these products on their own, without using the others. While they do work well on their own, the combination makes for some seriously glorious hair.