You Are NOT Too Fat For Short Hair

Who says plus sizes and pixie cuts don't mix? A lot of people, actually, and they're all wrong.
Publish date:
April 25, 2013
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Apparently, at some point, a law was passed, and the powers that be determined that fat girls shouldn’t have short hair.

Our faces are “too round”; we need to be as pretty as we can; we need to not look too “butch.” I’ve heard every reason in the world to keep my hair long.

Each time I started to seriously consider the big cut, fear got in my way. I always blamed my husband, claiming that he hates short hair, but in all honesty, he doesn’t.

The real reason I was afraid to chop it all off is rooted in vanity and all of the ridiculous things I shared above. I was afraid people--men and women--wouldn’t find me attractive.

This fear was well-founded. In fifth grade I was in LOVE. His name was Bronson. He was tall (for a fifth grader), had a dazzling smile, and some of the best hair I had ever seen. It was shiny and straight and brown and cut in the popular early 90s bowl cut. I was smitten with him. And his hair.

So I went to the hair salon and asked for the same hair cut. My mom was fine with it. In hindsight, I can't decide if that was cruel on her part or fashion-forward.

The hair piled around the chair, and then I was freshly shorn! I loved it!

Unfortunately, Bronson was not equally thrilled. He took one look at my bowl cut and immediately dumped me. It was such a cute, edgy style! What was this guy’s problem?

This was a reality check for me. It was the first time I realized that hair is really important. I spent years growing my hair back and remained nervous about ever cutting it again.

As little girls, we’re conditioned to believe that long hair is the beauty ideal. Our first “role models”--Barbie and Disney princesses--wear their cascading hair as badges of female sexuality and beauty. On the playground, androgynous hairstyles, boys with long hair or girls with short hair, are met with confused stares, or from the braver children, questions like, “Are you a boy or a girl?”

Conformity is key. Boys will only like you if you have long hair, but girls feel the most pressure from other girls. While individuality is supposed to be the ideal, in front of the mirror, sameness rules supreme.

Remember when Miley Cyrus cut her hair? When she started tweeting pictures of the haircut she said made her feel “more me” than anything else in her young life, the public opinion was widely negative and insanely hateful--no man would ever find her attractive again, no woman would ever envy her hair.

Even worse, it feels like the world thinks when a fat girl cuts her hair, she is pretty much announcing that she has given up on life. She no longer cares about her appearance. She no longer cares about getting married or having sex. It isn’t daring or cutting-edge for fat girls. It’s a nail in the coffin.

Despite my misgivings and the unfortunate experience during my formative years, one day I just decided to chop it all off. There was no big break-up or mid-life crisis. I wasn’t rebelling.

I didn’t cry at losing 12 inches of hair. I felt free. I had finally decided that I didn’t care what anyone else thought about my hair.

But then, something amazing happened. I started getting complimented ALL THE TIME.

Short hair opens up your face. You can’t hide behind a curtain of hair anymore. Everything is on display--your eyes, your mouth, your nose, even your ears! I feel equal parts feminine and badass.

So what gives? I thought fat girls weren’t supposed to look good with short hair?

I call BS on that. There are multiple Tumblrs dedicated to “fatties with pixies.” I am amazed at how many women write to me to tell me that I inspired them to finally cut their hair! It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

If you have been contemplating a pixie cut, what are you waiting for? I don't have much advice other than this: If any tiny part of you has ever thought about cutting your hair super-short, then you should just do it. It's just hair, and it will grow back, I promise.

And if your lousy boyfriend dumps you because of your haircut, then don’t worry. There are plenty of fatty-loving, pixie cut-loving Tumblr creators in the sea.

Oh, yeah, and buy Matrix Mega Dust. Lots of Mega Dust.