I Am SO Tired of Toner, Plus COTW

This was my last toning session before switching up my hair color.
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March 26, 2016
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I can't do the blonde anymore, you guys. I'm sure I'll return to the elusive white blonde hair of my dreams eventually because I can't help myself, but it's time for a change. I have big plans in mind and I'm really excited about it. First, however, I had to suffer through one more toning session to get my hair light enough.

The only good thing is that my scalp seems used to the toner by now, so it doesn't even hurt anymore. Wait, is that even a good thing?

Moving on... I'm curious — what do you wear when you're working with messy hair dye/bleach/toner? I have a giant old t-shirt that I wear for painting and hair-dyeing, so when I don it, everyone around me knows that some serious messiness is about to go down and they get the hell out of my way.

Here it is, in all its stained glory:

I can't wait to add a few new colors to this shirt in the upcoming weeks.

Now it's time for Comments of the Week!

1. "itstoospicy" has a hilarious story that will make me wary of trying any DIY platinum blonde hair treatments anytime soon:

Re: natural hair conditioning - a year or so ago I decided to make a natural, nourishing DIY hair mask out of egg yolk and olive oil. I mixed them all up, applied liberally, and then wrapped my head in saran wrap to protect it. Then I turned the blowdryer on high in an effort to allow the nutrients to really sink in. I spent the rest of the evening picking cooked egg out of my hair, which had solidified into a solid scrambled egg on my head.

2. Drinking while exercising has long been one of my favorite things so I'm surprised I haven't tried what "Mere Darling" calls beer running:

I like beer running. Drink beer before run, run comfortably and amused, return and shower. Completion beer optional but suggested during bath.

3. I liked what "frootloops" had to say about curly hair and SATC:

Gosh, I miss the big fluffy curls of the '90s. SJP, Julia Roberts, Julia Louis Dreyfuss, Debra Messing. Conversely, I loved when stunners like Liv Tyler would just tuck their hair behind their ears for a red carpet. People don't rock what they have anymore. SATC gets a lot of flack, but the biggest SATC fans are women who aspire to find close friendships with other women.

4. "StephJK" also shared a great anecdote related to Carrie's curls:

I don't know WHO I am, but I know I'm team Miranda. I remember always wishing I was born with Carrie's wild curls. I was watching the "Your girl is lovely, Hubbell" episode and admiring them to myself when my dad walked in and made me promise I'd never wear my hair that way! That was the moment that learned that men know nothing.

5. "Dot_race" does the sweetest thing for her husband when it comes to editing selfies:

My husband is starting to privately whine about looking older, so I always, ahem, refine pics of us before posting. Bless his heart, he's oblivious and always delighted. "It makes me feel better that at least I don't look so old in pictures." I'll never reveal the secret to his sporadic youthfulness.

6. "hiphopscotch" made us all realize we need to turn Morgan's makeup organization posts into a series with this name:

Not sure why this isn't called "Morganization"

  • Is anyone else getting tired of slogging through a certain beauty routine?
  • Do you have a t-shirt reserved for hair-dyeing?
  • Who wants to guess what my next hair color is going to be?