You Asked: "How Can I Make Ponytails Less Boring?"

I’m showing you three fantastic (and easy) ways to fancy up this summertime staple.

Happy Friday, everyone! Today’s video is all about PONYTAILS, a subject that I know is near and dear to all our hearts. If you can’t see it below for whatever reason, you can watch it at the source.

Points of interest…

#1. The high pony. Includes a how-to-fishtail-braid mini-tutorial, and a joke about Dolly Parton, aka: my god. 0:48

#2. The mid-pony. Tying scarves so the ends fall properly. If you’ve ever asked how I get my bandana ties so perfectly, here is your answer! (Do remember to straighten your knot at the end, though. I didn’t have a mirror, but this looks much nicer with a smoother knot.) 2:05

#3. The low pony. Kimmy Gibbler '90s flashbacks, and how to position a stylish side ponytail that looks cute in 2014. Plus, more flowers and a truly fantastic hat! 3:00

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Tell me more, tell me more, didja get very far? What’s your best summertime ponytail styling secret? Are you a low, medium, or high pony person? Are you wearing a fantastic hat right now? Tell me everything in the comments, and let’s have a Grease sing-a-long!