The Winding Ponytail: A Basic How-To That's NOT For The Basic

xoVain coming at you with another look for disgustingly dirty hair. What's wrong with us?
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September 6, 2013
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I'm still suffering from super-long hair fatigue and might resort to extreme measures to have it all removed. I wonder what it's going to be that sets me off; I constantly fantasize about sawing away everything below my chin with a kitchen knife.

I slept at a dude apartment last night, and as such there was no conditioner to be had while I showered. In fact, I think I shampooed and washed my face and body with an anti-dandruff shampoo from 1997. My hair was super wavy this morning, but feels like straw. Frowns were had.

I wanted to come up with an easy and interesting ponytail to work with the weird texture, so I tried a super easy variation of this look from July.

Pull your hair back into a low, centered ponytail. The more imperfect the better, nothing about this look should scream "polished" or "I'm prepared for my future."

While holding the bottom elastic taut, pull one of the sides of the lengths to tighten the section above just on that side. On the opposite side of the section, pull the hair between the elastics out the other way, creating a messy bulge of hair.

Continue sectioning your ponytail with elastics and pulling apart the sections. Alternate the sides you pull taught and pull loose as you go down the sections, so that you end up with a windy shape.

Go over the final ponytail, pulling out each bulge of hair a bit more to exaggerate the shape and the windiness. And you'll be totally mistaken as a legit blogger-type at fashion week. If somebody compliments my hair or my shoes I'll tweet them the bitly link to my tutorial/#OOTD.

What lazy looks do you end up creating that get totally mistaken for something that took thought and effort?