The Perfect Baseball Cap Curls

And let's talk about perms.

I was braiding dude's hair the other day (which feels very old-school, doing your dude's hair--reminds me of that photo of Jimi Hendrix getting his hair done by some major cutie.)

As I got to the end of one fishtail, his hair fluffed out more than usual. Normally it's super-wet still by the time I finish a braid, but fishtails take forfrickingever, so the ends had dried to their kinky curly gloriousness. It looked so cute, like a little pompom at the end of the braid. I asked if I could leave it like that, and he told me that he wasn't my show dog. I know that show dogs/dog shows are a sore spot for him, so I ceded.

I've been wanting to try it on myself ever since, using the little rag curls that Mari mentioned in her adorableasalways post from yesterday. I'd been missing my huge curly fluffy mess that got me this job almost a year ago exactly. It's my most favorite way to wear my hair, and I feel like I was truly meant to be born with that hair. I haven't resented my mother this much since she washed and DRIED my favorite jeans in '06.

Problem is, it is SUCH A PAIN to do. It takes forever, and while it's a no-heat styling option, tiny rag curls will tangle your hair like your hair has never been tangled before. I've used entire tubs of deep conditioner washing them out.

That's what's so great about the look I invented slash saw on a Stylenanda model at some point: curling just the bangs. I will take inventors' credit for curling just the bangs AND the ends of a braid. You get the curl, fluff, movement, bounce, extra width and height that you get from rag curls without having to labor over your entire head. AND IT'S CUTE AND SEXY WHICH IS REALLY ALL THAT MATTERS UNLESS YOU'RE A CHILD IN WHICH CASE SMART AND SHARING MATTERS. (No it doesn't.)

Start by grabbing some toilet paper.

Then take a teeny section at the very front of your face and wrap the ends around a folded/rolled square of toilet paper.

Roll the section up tightly around the paper and tie in a little knot as close as possible to your scalp.

You'll look like you kind of don't understand flower crowns when you're done.

Braid your hair in a low braid, ending with about 6 inches in length. Then curl the ends the same way.

Sleep if you can--I can never sleep with stuff in my hair and I accuse all of you that say you can of LYING or alcoholism or having a really boring spouse and bedroom furniture. Probably, like, all Ikea--no offense.

Two things: If I were doing this for IRL and not just photos, I'd wash my hair before and while it was damp, add mousse for hold. Secondly, I wanted the curls to be a bit tighter, but laziness and apathy get you loose curls as well as nowhere in life. Good thing is, even if you're going nowhere in life, the limp-ish curls still look kind of hot. Like Sigourney Weaver hot, or "trollop with consumption" hot, which is by far my most favorite description of my curly hair I've ever heard.

Spray with a healthy spritz of hairspray. These need lots of hold--gravity hates how hot you look.

I actually redid my braid after sleeping in it, as some straight layers kind of fell out and killed the curl vibes. I added in a few curls with the tiniest barrel from my AWESOME Interchangeable Barrel Curler Set from Amika. I'm always "whatever" about interchangeable or multi-use hair appliances because I feel like they'd never work as well as a curler that's made SPECIFICALLY how it's...made? I guess? Does that make sense? Anyway, this curling iron set is AMAZING and works too well. It heats quickly to custom temperatures and cools quickly, too.

The greatest thing about this hair is that it looks adorable with a hat.

I don't know about you, but I never wear hats just to wear hats. I like them to make sense with my hair, and I think the fluffy bangs are so beautiful and interesting and different coming out from under the bill of a simple hat. Oh, and here's the back.

OK, so, important question: Who's gotten a legit perm and should I do it?