The Conditioner That Can Give You Awesome (And Temporary) Pink Ombré Hair

The colour of this conditioner is the most brilliant glimmering shade of neon candy floss pink, and I only had to use a drop of it.
Publish date:
December 17, 2013
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Recently, I was lucky enough to visit a fancy salon for
some super-special Davines treatments and hair-colour magic. I walked out with
the most beautiful pink ombré, something I had been scared to try myself at
home for fear of ending up with the horrible "line of colour" look
that so many DIY ombré jobs result in.

Sadly though, it started to fade much
faster than I had expected. Only a week after my salon visit, my ends were
pretty much back to blonde.

I decided it was time to whip out a product I'd
been waiting to try for ages.

Davines Alchemic Conditioner was not originally created to dye
hair pink like Manic Panic or Punky Color, but to tone and treat natural
and/or dyed red and mahogany hair. I had used the purple formula on my blonde
hair in the past to abolish yellow tones, and totally loved it, but since I
turned my back on blonde in favour of pink hair land, I abandoned my purple
conditioner favourites for fear of gray-ifying my cotton-candy shades.

I rediscovered the Alchemic line a few months back when I visited
a local hair salon to stock up on my favourite Davines hairspray. I got to
talking with the owner about my pink hair: What did I use? How long did it
last? What did she use on her pink-haired clientele?

She recommended I try
Davines alchemic conditioner, combined with a bit of white conditioner for a
pastel effect, to maintain and colour my pink hair. I didn't need a new
conditioner, and I'd just bought few jars of Manic Panic, but I'm always eager
to perform new experiments on my head, so I decided to give it a try.

But then, life got in the way. I bleached and toned my hair,
really liked the colour it ended up, and
decided to stay blonde for awhile. A while turned into a few weeks, and after
that, I ended up getting surprise ombré'd at a fancy salon, so I didn't get a
chance to try my new little tub of pink magic until this week.

My faded ombré
was the perfect chance to try it out; if it turned out horrible and magenta, I
could just wash it till it faded and then pink my whole head with manic panic.

I was giddy with excitement when I finally broke the seal and opened the lid.

SPOILER ALERT: It worked perfectly!

The colour of this
conditioner is the most brilliant glimmering shade of neon candy floss pink, and
more importantly, I only had to use a drop of it for my ombré experiment. True,
the tub was a LOT more expensive than a tub of Manic Panic (like, two times
more), but I literally used half a teaspoon, mixed into a teaspoon of white
conditioner (Davines Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner to be exact), and it
covered all of my ends with no trouble. Since I usually use almost a whole tub
of manic panic for my whole head, I think the Davines price still works out to
be better in the long run.

I left my creation on, wrapped in tinfoil, for ten minutes, and
then rinsed in the shower. Wet, the colour looked a bit too dark, and I was
worried I'd have to do a super scrub wash to lighten it. But after I blow-dried
and scrunched, I decided the colour had come out pretty much perfect all by

For once, I didn't have to blend Manic Panic like a colour master at a
paint shop. A few drops of this miracle pink magic goo, and I was good to go. I
was tempted to kiss the adorable polka dotted tub right then and there!

My ends
also felt super-healthy and soft, as the conditioner combo worked as a sort of
treatment mask while the colour seeped into my hair. It was all around glorious
and wonderful.

I highly recommend this route if you're looking to get amazing
temporary pink hair. I haven't washed my hair since I applied the colour (I'll
report back in the comments when I have), but tales from all over the Internet
have assured me that all traces of pink wash out with two or three intense
washes, making this the perfect colour to try if you want pink hair for Friday
night but need it gone by work on Monday (though if you have bleached hair I’d
still be weary of slight staining.)

Sadly, this product won't do much but add a
tiny bit of pinky sheen on dark hair, as it doesn’t require an activator, but
on lightened tips or dirty blonde/lighter red hair it will come out a great
coral pink.

If you want the colour to be less saturated, or you crave all-over coverage, I'd recommend washing your hair, patting it hair dry with a
towel until it’s just damp, and then combing the pink mixed with a bit of conditioner
through your wet hair for 5 to 10 minutes while in the shower.

If you want it even brighter than mine, apply
just straight conditioner to your hair (wet or dry, but clean is best), and
leave it on for up to an hour (I'd recommend 30 minutes, but it can really stay
on indefinitely), then rinse.

Let me know if you try it!