Sweat-Resistant Bangs: The 4 Products You Need To Avoid Wet, Sloppy Fringe

You CAN have bangs in the summer. Here's how to keep them from melting into your forehead.

Bangs can be super-tricky to control, regardless of the weather. The heat this summer has been brutal, and I’m afraid to go outside because I imagine the second I hit the sidewalk, my freakishly pale-skinned self will literally melt into the sidewalk, bangs and all.

At the very least, I need to get to and from work every day, and this mandatory hot and sweaty commute can wreak havoc on my already unruly bangs if I’m not properly prepared. Simply standing on the subway platform for a few minutes while waiting for the train can transform my bangs from shiny and straight to a tangled, humid mess of cowlicks if I don’t have them on proper lockdown.

I’ve tried straight-across bangs, micro-mini bangs, bangs parted in the middle, awkward do-I-or-don’t-I grow-them-out bangs, the side bang--and now I’m back to straight-across bangs.

This what a lifetime of bangs has taught me about defying the science of sweat and humidity to keep them in check all day long.


An underrated step in styling bangs in general is adding a bit of texture. I love Bumble & bumble Surf Spray because it gives my bangs (and all my hair!) great texture while still keeping them soft. No gross buildup, and it doesn’t make my hair crunchy.

I spray a bit onto my fingers and then swish them through my already dry bangs. This method gives you more control over the amount of product you’re using, rather than spraying it directly onto your bangs.


Next, I break out the L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray, a true summer lifesaver. Through surprise rainstorms, hurricane-like winds and 100% humidity, my bangs will stay put with the barrier that this hairspray creates! I can’t recommend it enough for all of your hair-freezing needs.

I like to start in the center of my bangs to get a good, straight line at the bottom of them. Then I work outward, misting the longer ends near my ears into place last. If you get a little heavy handed with this hairspray it can mattify your hair a bit, but that’s a small price to pay for geometric precision on the sweatiest of days!

Elnett also keeps any forehead sweat from absorbing into my bangs, which is totally appreciated.


Speaking of forehead sweat, finishing powder is a MUST when you’re trying to keep your bangs under control.

I have an oily complexion, and I apply Tarte Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder to my forehead generously after styling my bangs. This powder won’t add any extra color or weird white residue to your skin, and it keeps any gross sweat and oil from causing your bangs to stick to your forehead. Plus, it promises to refine your pores with regular use.


Blotting sheets are a dream come true for me. If I had to pick the one beauty product that I absolutely could not live without, it would be Neutrogena Deep Clean Shine-Control Long-Last Blotting Sheets. They are truly a game-changer for oily skin beneath your bangs.

Oil and sweat from the heat can easily absorb into your bangs and plaster them to your forehead, but using these blotting sheets a few times a day will completely take care of that problem. I have tried many, many different brands of blotting sheets, and these are by far the most effective. They also make me less oily for a few hours after using them, unlike other brands that I have tried.

Aaaand those are my tips! Think any of them work for you? Do you already have your own tricks for keeping your bangs cool?