OPEN THREAD: The Ideal Summer Hair Length

Is long or short easier to deal with when it's hot?
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May 29, 2015
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Ugh, I know this sounds creepy, but I cannot stop watching Kelly shave her head. It's just so satisfying!

There's a clip posted to xoVain's Instagram (hi, follow us already, jeez), so if you're a weirdo like me, you can just watch it on a loop.

In addition to a big neon sign in my brain blinking *GORGEOUS* *GORGEOUS* *GORGEOUS* when I see the results, I can't help but think, Kelly is gonna have the most comfortable summer ever.

I can't think of a better hair length than virtually no hair for the hottest months of the year. But I currently don't have the guts to go short, let alone shaved, so I'm trying to figure out what to do with what I've got.

My hair is really long right now. Like, luh-hooooooong. When it's straightened, it almost reaches my waist. I have some gnarly split ends from when I colored my hair to sort of match my dog back in January, so at the very least, those need to be trimmed off; but I've been thinking about going chin-length, for both a style change and for comfort. Cutting off all that excess hair weight will help keep me cooler, right?

Or will it? If my hair is hanging there at my chin but not really long enough to be pulled into a ponytail or bun, will it just stick to the back of my neck in a stringy swamp of regret and broken dreams? With long hair, at least I can always throw it into a topknot so it doesn't help add to neck and back sweat.

But I kind of don't love how I look with my hair up, so I end up leaving my hair down and suffering in the heat.


So, let's have a healthy debate:

  • What do YOU consider the ideal hair length for summer? Take into consideration comfort, versatility, and style.
  • Are you planning to change your hair between now and the June solstice?
  • Which Parent Trap is superior? (The original Hayley Mills one, duh.)