Quick Question: Where's The Strangest Place You've Found A Gray Hair?

Or three.
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May 6, 2013
Quick Question, eyebrows, gray hair

Hannah's been staying with me for the last few days, and just as you may imagine, she has a pretty meticulous skincare routine, even while traveling. It inspired me to take a closer-than-usual look at my skin to see if I had any inconspicuously clogged pores that needed treating.

But while I prodded my forehead with my freshly cleaned fingers, I noticed something other than skin congestion (though there was plenty of that): THREE WHITE EYEBROW HAIRS.

I'm not using benzoyl peroxide or anything that could bleach them, so I guess it's just a sign of age. Maybe stress?

I don't have any gray hairs on my head, so these really took me by surprise. I've always thought it would be cool to have a few white hairs like Bonnie Raitt or something, but a few white hairs in the brow are more Abe Vigoda than Bonnie Raitt.

So that brings me to today's Quick Question: Where's the strangest place you've found a gray hair? Was it before you got any grays on your head?