5 Sprays Keeping Me True to My Curls This Summer

Because one blowout a month is like hair probation to me!
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August 3, 2015
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I've had only two blowouts so far this summer for my #90daysofcurls learning experience. I won’t lie: its a little boring, although it makes my life much easier. I keep forgetting that I've had roughly the same color and style of hair for six years now, the only variations being a shaved side with bangs in 2009, and a few bouts of symmetry. Six years of ombré natural brown with yellow to honey blonde ends is a long time to wear one style, and once this summer is over, something’s gotta give.

Aside from playing with mousses, cream cleansers and a sometimes-symmetrical weave, what has truly been injecting life into my style when it’s 94 and swampy outside and I’m ready to revert to heatwave protocol of only headwraps is SPRAYS. Texturizers, volumizers, and beach sprays are helping me keep it going even when I am ready to quit.

Day One Drama: What to Wear in Wet Hair

Drugstore fav and super accessible, Marc Anthony’s Dream Waves Beach Spray puts the piña in piña colada and the lime in the coconut, scenting your head like a dream-getaway weekend and giving you sea witch powers of the mane.

My curls got extra-tight with this spray, it uses my bae magnesium sulfate, AKA epsom salt, to mimic the minerals of the ocean, and panthenol and silk proteins to condition and fatten things up. It’s not as drying as other salt sprays in its price point.

Kerastase Spray A Porter is the model’s answer to beach sprays. You get texture and softness, but if you add a smidge of heat from a diffuser or blow dryer on low, you are covered with heat protective elements. Resulting texture is more of a wave, so I use this when I’m doing more lax curls.

Touchup Touchdown

It’s been a three-month fling with Oribe Apres Beach, and I feel like I want to sing a La Bouche song to it. I’m talking bulk, softness, and piece-y effects no matter how tight or loose you are going with that day.

I didn’t love Apres Beach on wet hair, but on hair that’s been thrashed by subway delays and head advisories, you can reorganize without killing the feel of your hair. I even like to use this to muss up a too-perfect blowout and add a few more bumps. A+ for people with wavy hair.

Finishing Friends

For the deal seekers, got2b’s Mind Blowing Ionic Power Fast Dry Hairspray comes in this big-ass studio size can that would last a cheerleading captain through her senior year. I liked using it to add volume at the root and over a whole finished style before arranging for a final topcoat. It volumizes while adding shine, so use it without worrying about grease!

You get a lacquer-type finish without collapsing all you have worked for, and adding it on top of a re-scrunch seals things in but doesn’t have that gelled look.

If you have frizz issues, you'll like Macadamia Professional’s Anti Humidity Finishing Spray. A fine mist of shine, light hold, and humidity blockers are essential in the dog days, which don’t end 'til long after the school year begins in most cases. A lush coconut scent will keep the summer going all year long while the lasting polish will convert you to this salon quality finisher.

I bring this out for every single photoshoot, no matter what my curls are doing that day, because you can use it over anything!

Boredom can be cured with a can, and a whole host of other problems, too. Whether you like a laquer-type spray or a soft-hold beach or salt spray, you can play off of the grips of heat and end up with better hair than summers past. Go make the most of what time you have left!

  • Whats your fav spray of the moment?
  • What type of spray can you not live without?

Photos: Maria Penaloza