LOTW: Side-Swept Hair For Those Non-Wash Days

Featuring my lovely cousin Jennifer!

This week I decided to show you guys my go-to hair look for non-wash days. Before we get started, though, let me show you your looks that I was loving last week.

My hair has been about chin length for quite some time, so I created this style for days when I don’t have time to wash and comb through it.

Here’s What You Need:

Hair Prep

I always start off by spritzing the front edges of my hair around my face because they are the driest first thing in the morning. Next, I work about a quarter-size amount of styling cream throughout my hair, again, especially concentrating on the front edges. This just makes my hair easier to work with and gives it a little more hold.

Next I create a semi-deep part on the right side of my head (this is where I always part my hair so you can pick whichever side you want) extended back to the crown. I’m not too concerned with perfection, just get a good general part.

Once I’ve done that, I create another part about an inch down from the first one, extending it back to the crown as well. This creates a small “row” of sorts.

French Side Twists

The next step is to twist the hair back much in the way you would do a French braid: gather the hair in as you twist it back (starting from the hairline). I like this method because I am not good at braiding. Once I’ve created a little French twist, I secure it in place with a bobby pin (use two if you have thicker hair).

I repeat this process two more times down the right side of my head, creating a total of three twisted rows.

Secure And Finish Off

Next, I just take the loose hair left over on that side and comb it over to the left, securing with bobby pins as needed. Since I have short hair, I like to leave the left section loose so my curls just do a little cascade thing.

If you have long hair you can sweep everything into a low side ponytail, and if you have shorter hair (but long enough to twist) you can just leave it out. I just found that the side-swept cascade look is best for me.

I now leave the floor to you. I’m excited to see what you guys were rocking this week! Show me your LOTW down in the comments or catch me on Instagram , Twitter, or Facebook and tag @xoVain and/or use #xoLOTW.