OPEN THREAD: Should I Go Platinum?

I get so bored with my hair color so fast!
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February 26, 2016
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I've never been blonde. The closest I've come is when I dyed my hair to match my dog and the rusty tones faded over time to a dark blondish shade in some areas, or when I tried to do a combination of brown, blonde and gray and gave up on that almost immediately. But I've never been truly blonde.

I have an arbitrary, unjustifiable hourglass in mind that empties at age 40, and I feel like I have to try being blonde before then. Platinum blonde, specifically. And yet, I hem and haw about it more than any other color I've tried. Red, green, almost-black — I didn't hesitate. But platinum blonde gives me pause.

Maybe it's because the friends who've done it complain about it — the pain of the salon procedure, the near-constant root touch-ups, etc. BUT THOSE FRIENDS LOOK SO GOOD. I love how platinum, white-blonde hair looks on a lot of people — Sable and Samantha, for example. They look nothing alike, have totally different skin tones, and they even do upkeep at different frequencies, from what I can tell, and yet it looks awesome on both of them. But is that because of their respective flawless bone structures? Can my very-nice-but-not-flawless bone structure make it work?

Right now, the main thing stopping me from giving it a shot is because my hair color has evolved kind of interestingly since I went back to brown after green; it's lightening in some spots in a way that I think, as my hair grows, may lend itself to a pretty ombre of sorts. Plus, I'm a freak of almost-late-30s nature who still hasn't starting going gray, so I don't "need" to color my hair.

BLARGH! But I really kind of want to do it! I had no choice but to ask xoVainers who have been or currently are platinum blonde to get their opinion on if I should go blonde, and why or why not. Here's what they (and some that haven't been platinum but have opinions) said.

Morgan: "Nooooo. I was platinum for like a year and got it done at the salon for $250+ a pop every six weeks. While I was a student. How the hell did I afford that?! I would tie my hair in a ponytail, pull the hair tie out and my hair would stay in a ponytail."

Caitlin (our new social media editor!): "Everyone should go blonde at least once. Even if you don't like it, it's a nice canvas for funky colors. It's just hair — it grows! Do something fun. (I was a blonde baby, but after being red for like eight years I went back to blonde. It lasted two days.)"

Kelly: "I'll say this... I bleach my hair with wanton disregard for its health only because it's short and I'm just gonna cut it/shave it anyway. But if you do it right, you can probably get away with minimal damage and if you hate it, you can always dye over it. I'm trying to picture you with platinum hair though and I can't do it!"

Sable: "Blonde sure, platinum... Sit long and hard with your hairs in your hand and think about the fact that you will eviscerate all their pigment and a great deal of protein bonds and will likely trade them in for hair-like husks. If you can accept this fate of your hair... Then sure why not!" (To which Kelly replied, "lol at picturing marci sitting with her hair in her hand thinking hard.")

Kara: "I say NO. I always consider going dark, do it and hate it after two weeks. People say my soul is blonde, and I think yours is that classic shiny brunette you always return to."

Sam: "Do it if you always wanted to. I can't imagine going back to dark hair. You'll never know how much you'll like it until you do it, but going platinum is a pretty big commitment. You can basically do every colour of the damn rainbow and have it look awesome when you have super-light hair. So the option to be pink one month and have purple hair the next is always fun. But if you're not willing to pay to do it right, it's going to be a looooong road to having halfway decent hair again. Going in to get your roots bleached every five or six weeks is probably a hassle for someone who isn't used to it. I get students to do my hair because I'm broke AF and it takes a good four hours to get my roots done and my hair toned. Also if you want long, healthy hair and don't have really light hair already, it's going to be a long, annoying journey to hair that light. There's a reason girls with white blonde hair often have short hair."

Trista: "Do it IF you like the way it matches your skin tone/level of makeup AS IS, and you don't mind having snarly hair. Don't do it if you just aren't sure because you've never gone platinum. But if you DO do it, go all the way, you know? No honey butter and wheat — go all in."

Christina: "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! If you do it right, it won't be that bad for your hair — my hair is pretty OK. I agree with Caitlin — everyone should go blonde at least once. I love a good-going blonde story, especially with hair as dark as yours. If you do it, it will be the best day of our lives!"

Victoria: "I think you should do it only if you're comfortable with the idea that you will eventually have to cut most of your hair off. It was fun for me and I'm glad I did it/got it out of my system, but my hair was legit dead afterwards and nothing could save it, so eventually, I just had to chop all the blonde off. That said, it's just hair and it always grows back but I know some people with long hair are pretty attached to it."

Tynan: "DO IT. You already know how much maintenance it will be, and you get every hair product for free. You have no reason not to."

Calle: "Whoa, this is kinda a side note, sorry, but seeing this made me remember in my dream last night Kim K's makeup artist, Joyce, took me to her colorist to go short and platinum. So, yes? You should. Does this count as a why?"

Rachel: "I say NO. Because 1) I have seen you rep a variety of colors the past few years and while you are ALWAYS a babe, I honestly think you are just so stunning as a dark brunette. I worry blonde would wash you out so much! And 2) Like, honestly, I refuse to be the only Vainer who hasn't platinum'd. If you do it, then by the Law of Peer Pressure and My Lack of Will Power/Actual Personality, I'm gonna have to do it too and then all my hair will fall out and I do not have the Nat Po bone structure for baldness, okay. So, for me, don't do it. Think of the children. (Me.)"

I left that conversation thread leaning a little more in the direction of going blonde but don't exactly mind staying brunette, sort of like how I lean a little more towards Bernie but am comfortable with Hillary.

So, can I get your opinion?

  • Should I go platinum blonde?
  • Are you or have you been white-blonde? If so, what's the best and worst part?
  • If I don't go blonde, so I just stay brunette for a while since it's literally upkeep-free, or should I try another color?
  • What else is on your mind, Open Threaders?