LOTW: A Short, Tapered Cut For Curly Hair

Sometimes you just have to take a risk and chop that hair.
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November 13, 2014
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I got most of my hair chopped off last week. I’ve been wanting to go pretty short for a while now, but I went back and forth pretty much up until the moment my butt hit the salon chair. Thanks to Sable and Alle’s most recent hair switch-ups, though, I felt brave enough to take the leap to a shorter ‘do.

For me the biggest issue in this transition was not the cut itself so much as my fear of not finding the right stylist. My hair is a bit of an anomaly, being both incredibly tightly coiled and baby fine at the same time. Any time my hair is cut wet, you can believe that what stops at shoulder length wet will shrink all the way up to just below my ears dry. However, finding someone who can cut my hair well dry is like finding a needle in a haystack. As it happens, though, one of my closest friends (and a fellow curly-haired lass) manages Shelter Salon here in Wichita and convinced me to try their stylist Man Ha.

When I’m looking for a stylist, it’s important to me that the person handling my hair has been in the business for a while, and has had experience with cutting curly hair. Man had both of these, and adding in that shining recommendation I was in good hands. The first time I went to see her was a few months ago when we experimented with an asymmetrical bob, which I absolutely loved. As it grew out, though, I knew I wanted to go a different route.

One of the things that made this cut (and the previous cut) so different and enjoyable is that Man made it a collaborative effort. When I came in, I showed her what I was thinking and we worked out a plan to cut it dry first for shaping purposes and then to get it wet and work from there. The entire cut was a back and forth dialogue between the two of us, which I really appreciated. As cheesy as it sounds, by the end of the cut it was as if we were operating as one person; she would lift a piece and look at me and I (with a devilish sparkle in my eye) would clap my hands together and say, “Do it! Get that sucker out of here!”

The finished product is a fun tapered cut that I think will grow out beautifully (if I decided to grow it out, because no lie I am loving this cut) down the road.

The most important thing that I got out of this was an extreme level of comfort with my stylist, and more importantly with the cut itself. I left the salon feeling beautiful and confident--I finally felt like me!

Enough about me, though, let’s take a look at my favorite pics from last week’s thread:

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  • Have you guys made any big hair changes recently?
  • What finally made you take the leap?