How To Do Your Short Hair A Little Differently For New Year's Eve

It's easier than you think to switch up your pixie cut for a party. Here are several ideas!
Publish date:
December 30, 2013
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One of the main reasons other women give me for why they’re
afraid to get a pixie cut, besides “I don’t have the right facial
structure/weight to pull it off” (wrong, by the way), is that you apparently
can’t do anything with it. Everyone else is doing intricate Pinterest braids
with their hair for New Year’s Eve while you’re stuck with the same old boring
‘do. Right? Wrong (again).

Honestly, I’ve done so much more with my current four inches of
hair than I ever did when it was butt-length. My pixie cut works for me because
I can leave it the way it is when I wake up and it looks fine, but it’s also
not that hard to change it up when I get bored.

I’m not just talking about constantly changing my hair color. I
don’t often have occasion to get all fancy, but the holiday season gave me the
urge to actually do something nice with my hair.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with showing up at a party with a
sexy dress and insane bed head. That’s always fun. However, if your pixie cut is
too short even for rumpled bed head or you just want to make it look like you
put some effort in for once, I have one word for you: accessories.

The week before Christmas, I went to Forever 21 and stocked up
on some cheap hair bows and headbands. Then I attempted to get creative with my

The first look I wanted to try involved crazy toilet paper
curls. Annie explained how to do them here. I tried it
myself back when I was a blonde,
but this time I wanted to see how they would look with darker hair and some
hair accessories.

This requires some planning the night before. Basically, you’re
going to take a square of rolled-up toilet paper and then twist a strand of
hair around it until you get to the root. Then tie it tight.

It took me a while to do the whole top of my head (about two 40
minute-long episodes of Top of the Lake),
but probably not as long as it took Annie. That’s one of the perks of having
short hair.

The next morning, untie all the little toilet paper
knots/impatiently rip bits of toilet paper out of your hair while screaming. I
recommend having your coffee first. At this point your hair will look like

I wanted it to look more tousled, so I ran my fingers through it
a bit first to relax the curls. Obviously a decent amount of hairspray would be
good at this point to help the style last through the night.

A pretty hair
accessory is your final touch. My favorite was this giant velvet bow.

For maximum adorableness, make sure to pull one curl down the
center of your forehead while making a BOING sound effect.

Little bows look really cute too. I like to just stick one
haphazardly on the side of my head.

I also like to pair it with my CBF.

Are the bows and curls a little young? Sure, but it’s actually
the perfect look to adopt while spending time with your family over the
holidays. Your older relatives will immediately go into nurturing overdrive
when they see you and stuff you with way too many cookies. It’s a really good
plan, trust me; I do this every year.

Still, if you really want a more sophisticated look, I
recommend this next one. I call it the Cray Gatsby (I don’t really).

Tease the
curls a bit more for maximum “caught in a thicket” body, then take your sparkly
headband and place it right at your hairline.

It’s not crazy to wear a headband on your forehead--it’s
GENIUS. Do not wear this style to your family’s holiday party; nobody will get
it. This is solely an office holiday party hairstyle--but only if you work at
the xo offices. (I hear they’re very avant-garde there.)

If you’d rather be boring, you can push the headband back and
wear it the mainstream way.

I spent a few minutes tucking a few errant curls into the
headband and I was ready to go. Easy glamour. OK, the curls took ages but you
could do that part faster if you don’t mind using heat tools.

Not into curls (or just unable to do them)? That’s cool, I’ve
got you covered.

This hairstyle is the fastest and easiest of the lot. After
stepping out of the shower, comb your hair back while it’s still wet. You’re
gonna want to slick some gel in there to make it stay all night--I recommend
Short Sexy Hard Up Hair Gel for maximum hold or Lush Dirty Hair Cream for an
amazing scent (and awesome hold without any stickiness to boot). I just gave
the latter to my boyfriend for Christmas and he loves it. I’m currently
plotting to steal it back.

You could just leave your hair like this. Paired with a black
cateye and nude lips, I think it’s a sexy, minimal look that makes cheekbones really
stand out.

Not a minimal person? Headband time!

There. Look how fancy and pulled-together you seem now. And it
only took two minutes! Who needs Pinterest-worthy fishtails anyway?

Of course I want to see everyone’s holiday and New Year’s Eve
hairstyles in the comment section, short hair or not. Anyone who incorporates
bows or headbands gets an upvote from me--HUGE honor.