Make Tousled Texture Last With This Stupid-Cheap Beauty Hack

Because I'm still too punk rock to spend more than $5 on products.
Publish date:
April 20, 2015
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Part of having a lob is keeping it in tip-top shape--literally. Like its mortal nemesis, the pixie, a lob has to be maintained meticulously so it doesn’t morph into sad mom hair. A quarter-inch of growth or a day too many without a wash can transform you from sexy to sloppy. If you have fine hair, it’s a constant battle to keep it from going flat.

The only thing that can help you now is texture.

I’ve tried all kinds of cheapie products over the years to achieve my desired level of texture: something like Bon Jovi circa 1990 meets Russell Brand whilst coming out a hedge backwards. Big, messy rockstar hair that looks like you’ve been living outside for a few days, but you had a good time. Hair like this is pretty hard to achieve. You have to earn it. It’s the antithesis of "rich girl hair."

If you’re dying for the ropey, undone bedhead look, but attempts leave you with either just disheveled or too perfect (I’m looking at you, every woman in Hollywood right now), I have a hack for that.

Shaving cream.

I made this little discovery when I was a teenager; I had a pixie almost the entire time, but could never find the right product to style it. Hair wax was too greasy, gel was too crunchy, hairspray too sticky, and would snap my hair into bits. Mousse batted down any volume my sparse hair had.

I was getting ready for a concert when the idea came to me: Why not shaving cream? It looks like mousse...? I slapped a dollop on my head, worked it in, hit it with a blow dryer, and never looked back.

The secret lies in the weird soapy consistency of shaving cream: it plumps up your hair, and when it dries, it will hold waves and twists for hours. Sure, there’s probably some miracle spray wax or balm that’ll also do the job, but I’m still too punk rock to spend more than $5 on a hair product. Nothing has come close to the volume of shaving cream.

The technique is simple; it's similar to my wet-to-dry scrunch method, but you start with dry hair. Dispense a dime-size amount into your palm, lather it up, and go to town. Run your hands over the top layer of your hair, twisting sections and scrunching onto the ends. Get it big and fluffy by flipping and massaging just a bit into your roots, tousling as you go. Unlike most (cheap) hairspray or mousse, shaving cream won’t dry stringy or crispy, and has a softer, tousled texture.

  • What weird product have you tried in your hair? Did it work or no?
  • Who's epic bedhead do you covet?
  • Is there a product that is your Holy Grail for mussed hair?