Five Days of Tent-Pitching Pigtails: Day Five

Seriously, these have been tried and tested and they work just as well as the others.

No, these weren’t inspired by Bjork. I actually saw these on Vanessa Hudgens in Paper Mag. I missed the whole High School Musical train a few years ago, and never really found commonality between us (correct me if I’m wrong, but she wears a lot of bellbottoms?), but any chick can rock a full-on Scary Spice is worthy of bad bitch recognition in my book.

A true test of bad bitchiness, however, is whether or not she can wear them outside the photo shoot. I wore these for the rest of the workday, to a movie screening, on the subway, to meet my friend, Jonny, for drinks at Five Leaves, and to the Commodore. I may or may not have also been sporting a gold tooth.

I was mondo impressed with every single person in NYC for not touching them. I was even more impressed with myself, of course, for not taking them down after a couple of hours--they were pulled super high and super tight.

But the real question is: did they really pitch any tents? I mean, all the dudes I hung out with that night really liked them. I also only hang with cool dudes who aren’t put off by chicks with personal style. So, you know, I’m sure the frat dudes from college would have gotten inverted. Whatever.

This works best with slightly dirty hair. Part cleanly, directly down the middle and comb each section forward at the front of your head. Secure each pigtail with an elastic and spray the lengths with a good amount of Batiste dry shampoo to mattify and add texture. Loosely twist and wrap each section around itself into a cone shape, leaving some piecy ends sticking out and secure with five or six bobby pins.

I couldn’t resist painting on those superhero eyebrows using some BECCA Eye Tint in pewter and a sharp angled brush. I dusted some Make Up For Ever Pure Pigments in emerald green below my bottom lashes, and mixed OCC Lip Tar in Ophelia and Iced to make a nice frosty pink lip.

You lyke? When’s the last time you dressed like a Spice Girl in a real life situation? (Halloween ≠ real life.) Every time a comment is posted, a raver gets her wings.