Five Days Of Tent-Pitching Pigtails: Day Four

We'll continue not to try too hard with this Brigitte Bardot-inspired look.
Publish date:
March 7, 2013
How-To, curling irons, retro, pigtails, Brigitte Bardot, Sultra, 60s, Mary Ann

Now for a nod to a classic boner-inducer: my feeble attempt at a Bardot-esque pigtail. Which just became a sad reminder that I think I’ve let my hair grow far too long for most hairstyles, and I miss my bangs.

I’ll try not to dwell on these facts and move forward under the guise that these are a modern version of Mary Ann’s slutty island-bound ear grazers. She had terrible bangs, so you’ll all assume that I left those out on purpose, not because I’m lacking any sort of face-framing layers that would only compete with my diva eyebrows.


The main component for this look is volume. Before sectioning your hair into two sides, tease the top of your head starting about two to three inches back from your hairline, so that your center part if almost non-existent. You want most of the volume at your crown, so intensify your backcombing efforts in this area.

Gently rustle the front sections of your hair--especially your bangs if you’ve got them--forward so that they fall toward, even in front of, your face. Then pull the rest of your hair into two sections, tying them right behind the tops of your ears.

Curl some random sections with a one-inch iron like this clamp-less one from Sultra--wait--are you trying? Stop that. Trying less will really knock this look out of the ballpark.

Once you’ve half-ass-edly curled your pigtails, spritz them with some hairspray and backcomb them as well. Pull them apart, fluff them up, keep backcombing. Frizz is your erectifying friend.

Finish with some bows, or just yawn whilst tying in a couple of ribbons and don’t bother with a full bow. You look really sexy how you’re being so nonchalant and stuff--keep up the good work.