The Sexiest Perfume In The Whole Wide World Isn’t Supposed To Be Sprayed On Your Pulse Points

This tuberose hair mist could make Cousin Itt seem sexy.
Publish date:
March 19, 2013
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Of all the notes (perfume speak for the smell parts that add up to create the smell sum) found in women’s fragrances, the most sultry has got to be tuberose. I’m not even sure how to pronounce it, but that just adds to its air of mystery.

Tuberose is the anchor of some of the most popular “sexy” perfumes on the market, like Michael Kors and Kim Kardashian (it’s actually pretty nice, you guys). But there is no tuberose scent sexier than Carnal Flower by Frédéric Malle.

Aside from having the word carnal in its name, its backstory is pretty hot. It took 18 months for master perfumer Dominique Ropion “to generate a link between this flower’s scent and the wearer's skin.” When’s the last time someone spent a year and a half trying to generate a link with your skin? Someone named Dominique, even!

Anyway, the result is amazing, with exaggerations of the hints naturally found in tuberose, like coconut, plus a little musk to make it extra-seductive.

Wait--did I say there’s no tuberose scent sexier than Carnal Flower? My bad. That was true until Frédéric Malle released Carnal Flower Brume Pour Cheveux. For those of you who don’t speak French other than when “Lady Marmalade” or “Eyes Without a Face” comes on, that means hair mist.

I love the idea of having a hint of tuberose softly wafting through my hair, little clouds of it releasing as I playfully shake my head no when my date asks if we can do it on the bar in front of all the patrons because I smell so damn good and he just can’t wait long enough to get back to an apartment or at least a dark, clean-by-New-York-standards alley.

Carnal Flower Hair Mist pairs perfectly with bombshell hair--that long, fluffy, sort-of-done, sort-of-undone early-‘70s-Ann-Margret hair. Hey, wait--she was in Carnal Knowledge in the early ‘70s! Carnal Knowledge, Carnal Flower. WOW!

Just kidding--I actually already knew Carnal Flower was named for Carnal Knowledge because its other starlet, Candice Bergen, is Frédéric Malle’s aunt, and he named it after her, which actually makes it slightly less sexy, unless you have an aunt fetish.

Ultimately, I’m hoping this mist will cast some kind of olfactory spell on cute guys that makes them want to brush my hair, because that’s all I really want in life.

Carnal Flower Hair Mist is pretty pricey, though, so while I think it’s totally worth it, you may want to improvise your hair-scenting technique. Here, Madeline shows you how she turns pretty much any perfume into a hair perfume, and also shares a fable about what not to do with hair perfume.