My Second-Day Hair Looks Amazing And I'm Feeling Fuzzy On Benadryl

Plus: Win this product that I can't stop smelling.
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September 17, 2013
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Fun fact: I've never been allergic to anything ever except for sulfa meds. I was in ninth grade when I was prescribed Bactrim, and despite the red, itchy rashes over half my body, I looked really hot. Even at 15, I wanted lip injections, and I've been dying to get my hands on some swell-inducing sexy pills since. Pretty sure they even made my eyebrows bigger.

Last night I slept in a strange bed with new, straight-from-the-factory bedding, and was hella itchy all night. It felt exactly like my Bactrim reaction, minus the sexy, swelly lips. (Real talk: do I eat the bedding?)

So I took some Benadryl this morning to calm the reaction, but unlike freshman me, walking around high school with a note safety-pinned to my sweater instructing my teachers not to become upset or disturb me if I happen to fall asleep in class, I'm zombie-ing through today sans warning label. (I also am apparently VERY sensitive to the tripping-balls aspect of antihistamines. But my mom already knew that. Hi Mom, I'm fine, thanks. And I talked to Andrew last night. That's nice about his new girlfriend. Why did you name your children the boy/girl version of the same name?)

When I'm not staring blankly across the room trying to remember where I am and what I should be doing, I'm having really amazing hair. I tried a new curling method on Sunday (BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming tomorrow), which left my hair looking as I wish it always would, but doesn't. Observe:

I think this was the hair I was meant to have, but consuming too many Mom's-out-of-town-and-Dad's-feeding-us Happy Meals before apples and milk were options caused adverse chemical reactions in my skin and scalp, making my curls laze into waves and giving me post-adolescent acne.

I'll post an entire tutorial tomorrow, including tips on how to make the slept-on curls look amazing on day two. For now, though, I'm giving away what's possibly the best-smelling facial cleanser of all time: Lush's seasonal "Let The Good Times Roll."

It's apparently supposed to smell like popcorn. Which I guess I can understand, if by "popcorn" they mean, "popcorn drenched in melted cotton candy with maple syrup on top, completely masking any odor that even slightly resembles popcorn." I'm not usually one for sweet-smelling stuff, which makes me nauseous, but I can't take my nostrils out of this pot.

Win the pot that my nostrils have been in by being over 18 and posting a selfie of your amazing hair. Congrats to mondo cutie, Archiepartytime on winning the Estée serum from the last post! Pretty sure the dude on my shirt was, in fact, GG Allin, punker jerk extraordinaire. Bleh.