Scalp Facial: The Greatest Oxymoron To Ever Happen To Your Head

Pia tried a salon exfoliation treatment despite being totally weirded out by the idea. (But she's weirded out by maple syrup, too, so she's probably not a reliable arbiter of weirdness.)

Two words that make us feel all kinds of uncomfortable when put together: scalp facial.

It makes us shudder and we don’t know why. It seems unnatural, like something out of a creepy movie with a mad esthetician running experiments on an unwilling client.

But enough of the drama. What is a scalp facial? With all the products out their targeting scalp health, we had to dabble.

We know that like the roots of a tree, having a healthy scalp is key to growing beautiful, healthy hair. Our hair, while abundant, is really fine and tends to be affected by weather changes. When it’s dry, our hair looks more dry and brittle, and when it’s warm, a little humidity goes a long way to give it some shine. So we wondered if getting our scalps in shape would help keep our hair more consistent.

Our interest was sparked when we came across a product by Bosley Professional. But wait--before you flash to those cheesy commercials with the guy showering and swimming and tugging on his new hair, you should know that this has nothing to do with hair transplant surgery. Bosley Professional BosRenew Scalp Micro-Dermabrasion Treatment is part of haircare line that promotes hair growth and scalp health for thinning hair; so no, we’re not getting hair plugs.

So this “facial for your scalp” in a tube--well, two tubes--was intriguing enough for us to try. And it was Pia’s turn to be the guinea pig. She’ll take it from here...

I was terrified because for some reason I pictured some sort of acidic concoction that would burn my scalp. I’ve always been wary of facials and thought this would be a lot more invasive than it really was.

It exfoliates, cleanses nourishes and soothes using extracts from sweet almond, pomegranate and various fruit. It also has a complex that battles the toxins that contribute to hair loss.

Apparently, a scalp facial isn’t that far off from a facial facial, with exfoliants, moisturizers and antioxidants to improve the health and appearance of your skin--just on your head.

Even though BosRenew Scalp Micro-Demabrasion Treatment is technically supposed to be an in-salon treatment, giving myself a scalp facial proved to be pretty easy. Basically, you mix the formulas together in a bowl, kind of like you’re mixing a paste, adding small amounts of the “Booster” (depending on the condition of your scalp) to an entire tube of “Base.” Then you apply it evenly to dry hair and massage it into your scalp.

It’s a bit gooey and feels a lot like your everyday face scrub. I left it on for about 10 minutes and didn’t feel any sensation besides a very slight tingling--nothing like the burn I had anticipated. Aterwards I washed my hair with my normal shampoo to remove it. Simple as that.

They say you can do this as a single treatment, but they recommend using it three times, four to six weeks apart. While I’ve only noticed that my head feels super clean and my hair feels less weighted, it’ll take a few months to notice the full effects of the treatments.

Now that my scalp feels all fresh and clean, I’m all obsessed about keeping it healthy so my hair keeps on looking fabulous. I’m going to rotate Aveda Scalp Benefits Balancing Shampoo into my regular beauty routine. It helps remove excess sebum buildup and nourishes your scalp so it has a good foundation for healthier hair.

I won’t use it every day, though, because like over-exfoliating, too sebum-stripping isn’t great for your skin.

But it got me thinking: why not take better care of your scalp? Do you use anything specifically for scalp care?