Is A Salon Keratin Treatment Worth It? (Do You Even Have To Ask?)

I just couldn't face another summer's humidity without a little help from Ted Gibson's protein-wielding hair wizards.
Publish date:
May 28, 2013
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92 degrees last week, ladies. That’s only eight away from 100, as far as I’m concerned.

And while I enjoy sunshine and beautiful weather as much as the next girl, if you could spare this curly-headed chick the 90% humidity and constant need to stop into every store just to take in some AC, I’d be much appreciative.

With summer lurking its humid head around the corner, and with my dread and anxiety about not being able to walk outdoors in this climate, I decided to TAKE THE PLUNGE.

Guys, I got my hair keratin’d!

The treatment involves applying keratin, a protein we already have in our hair, and sealing it in with the heat from a straightening iron. The process reduces frizz and drying time by, like, 50% at LEAST for two to four months.

Unlike a Brazilian hair treatment, Keratin is free of formaldehyde and doesn’t change the natural state of your hair; rather than stripping it of its natural composition, keratin just improves its condition and manageability.

I had gotten this process done once before, exactly two years ago in my kitchen in Mexico City. I don’t know where my mom finds these people, but somehow she’s managed to develop a rolodex full of biologists and the like who make house calls and treat your hair while you sit in your pajamas and eat cereal.

That treatment lasted, like, three months and then I just didn’t get it done again. But with the summer heat headed this way? Not to mention the humidity? Not to mention the HEAT?! I decided to do find a cost-effective keratin treatment just in time for sweat season.

And, ahem, no thanks to any of you, I found a keratin treatment ON MY VERY OWN at the Ted Gibson salon via Gilt City for $250, which I hope is a decent price.


I stopped by the salon promptly at 9:35 am even though my appointment was at 10:00 because I JUST COULDN’T TAKE THE ANTICIPATION. While I waited, I sat at the shampoo station SHAKING IN MY BOOTS (from EXCITEMENT!!!) for 25 minutes.

Then I met Eric, who would be doing the treatment, and who saw my hair and immediately was like, “You know keratin won’t fix those ends of yours.”

Yes, I know, I really need a haircut, I’m sorry. I’ve got like five inches of split ends, and they’re not doing anybody any favors. I’ll just add that to the list of everything else I need to do, right above “pick up laundry” and under “find a date for Uncle Paco’s wedding.”

After Eric assured me that this product did not include formaldehyde and explained that I could not wash my hair for two days following the treatment (WHAT?! TWO WHOLE DAYS?! lol, please) the process began:

  • Shampoo and blowdry: Eric passed the hairdryer through my hair quickly to, duh, dry it, but also to show me just how frizzy it gets. While I am very aware and needed not reminding, I did appreciate the heightened before/after effect this provided.
  • Apply keratin and iron: Dividing my hair into several partitions, Eric combed the keratin into my hair section by section and left it to sit for about thirty minutes. Then he straightened it with a flat iron to seal the product into my hair.
  • Rinse, condition, and rinse again.
  • Blow dry: Just as he had done before, Eric passed the hairdryer through my hair and--WHADDAYAKNOW!--no frizz to speak of! What an exhilarating feeling.

The end result? After a blow-out, my hair looks the same as when I dry and straighten it except it takes HALF THE TIME. The biggest coup, though, is that now I can leave it to air-dry without risking it turning into an animal.

Do you know what this means?

This treatment is a time-saver and overall life-changer. I don’t need to plan my days around when I can or can’t wash my hair. I can walk outside without panicking that my hair will turn to Monica’s when she goes to the Caribbean or whatever. And now I don’t need to endure standing in a 150-degree, AC-less bathroom every time I need to dry my hair because now, I WON’T NEED TO DRY IT ANYMORE!

Have you gotten a keratin treatment? Thinking about it? Let's discuss!