I Don't Like What Caffeine Does To My Body, But I Love What It Does To My Hair

Sally Hershberger's caffeinated spray gives my hair a big boost, sucks out oily grossness, and has great staying power, too.
Publish date:
May 22, 2014
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I never, ever drink coffee or espresso. I know it's delicious and everything, but if you think I’m bubbly and energetic now, you don’t want to see me when I drink beverages with caffeine.

Even a sip of the weakest coffee will have me wide awake for at least 24 hours, bouncing around and generally acting like I’m about to have a heart attack. My anxiety levels skyrocket, and though I can get an insane amount done when I’m caffeinated, the sweaty palms and racing heart are so not worth it. Instead, I stick to herbal tea, or on rare occasion, a green or black tea (still less than 50% of coffee’s caffeine levels), and I rarely feel like I’m missing out.

But who knew my hair was missing out all this time?

Before you get all excited and go chug a bunch of espresso, let me clarify: I’m not talking about drinking caffeine, I’m talking about Sally Hershberger's caffeinated Major Body 3-in-1 Volume Spray, which functions as a dry shampoo, texture spray and hairspray.

As someone with extremely silky, flat, straight hair, I am always skeptical of volumizing products. For the most part, they don’t do much for me, or if they do, the texture and volume only last an hour tops. My hair just naturally wants to be straight and stuck to my face, and it refuses to budge too far from its routine. Most sprays just leave it flat and weirdly sticky and crispy.

I suppose my hair reacts similarly to the way I do when it’s doused with this caffeine spray. Suddenly, it’s big and voluminous, stronger and bolder; it’s as if it has been pumped up with extra energy.

Just like the label suggests, Major Body gives hair a big boost, sucks out any greasy, oily grossness, and actually has great staying power, too. The first time I used the spray, it was on clean hair in the morning, and for the rest of the day I couldn’t stop touching my hair and staring into mirrors thinking, How is it still so big?!

Here, let me show you...

My sad post-workout hair. Notice the oily roots and general flatness? This hair would probably slip out of a ponytail if I tried to tie it up!

After my hair is dry from the shower, or after a sweaty workout, I spray the product all over my hair, focusing on my roots if they’re especially greasy. I mess up the hair a bit as I go for that sexytime look.

Here’s the result without any styling. Instant big hair goodness right? But wait--I’m not done! I find this look a bit too messy for my personal aesthetic on a normal day, so after I spray the product, I whip my hair into my famous twisty buns and wait about 20 minutes (or until I’m about to leave the house).

Ta-da! Perfect, silky, wavy, voluminous wonderfulness! I never knew there was one single product out there that could make my hair exactly how I want it to be. I guess this means, in one way or another, I’ve ended up on team caffeine after all.