3 Sexy Ways to Leave the House With Wet Hair

Take that, Mom!
Publish date:
September 9, 2015
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In every morning rush-hour subway car, approximately 40% of women seem to have wet or damp hair. The earlier, the damper. Part of me wants to ask, “So does it just dry… like, fine?”

If I allow my hair to air-dry with less than at least three texturizing and/or anti-frizz products, it will render my hair a puffed-out mom/anchor-lady bob upon drying. Nothing makes my spirit wilt faster than a bad hair day. That and low-fat dairy products.

Imagine my delight to discover the one runway trend from the Fall/Winter 2015 shows last NYFW that—let’s face it—will probably never take off because the types of people who follow runway trends rarely recreate the “edgier” looks. It’s theatrics for a reason, you know? I, however, could not be more onboard with the “grunge hair” look that was supposedly ruling the runway last NYFW.

In actuality, it was mostly two shows, Marc By Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang, that had some seriously grunged-up looking hair, (not) coincidentally styled by the same dude, Guido Palau. Either GP was real lazy or he was just so SO hyped on giving models the limpest, greasiest-looking locks possible.

But since that all went down last February—which was a tundra in NYC, and the idea of leaving the house with wet hair was a literal death sentence—now that it actually IS the relevant season and year in question, I’m like “BRING IT” to all those fall looks.

The best part is that this look is actually stupid-easy to do. All you need is mousse. Oh, and water. Starting with unwashed hair seems to help, too.

Spritz the living hell out of your hair with water. The reason I prefer to spritz as to washing my hair is because a) I don’t like washing my hair that often, b) this gets your hair plenty damp where it needs to be (length and ends) and keeps it relatively dry where it doesn’t need to be (your roots), and c) this is supposed to be fast and washing hair takes time and care and stuff.

Then you just pump a big ol’ plume of medium/strong-hold mousse into your palm and scrunch it into your hair from ends up to about an inch or two from your roots.

Seriously, there is no wrong way really to fuck up your hair when the end result you’re aiming for is “my hair is fucked-up but in a cool way.”

The cool thing about mousse is that it holds but remains light and slightly flexible, so you can have that deep wet effect without the hardness and weight of gel, which for those with fine hair already know is no bueno. You want to look like the glamorous version of “wet hair,” not like you got pushed into the pool at a backyard BBQ and are trying to play it cool like you’re not upset that you got pranked but really inside you are very annoyed.

If you aren’t into the whole Lydia Deetz bangs look, flip those babies to one side for an impressive crest such as this:

Again, the mousse will give you the volume, hold, and moldability to keep that flip reaching for the stars while also giving the rest of your hair body.

And just in case you’re like, “Sable, this is cool, but I can’t be orchestrating the perfect amount of grunge all day with touch-ups and stuff, also I am a professional but I’m not like a regular professional—I’m a cool professional,” you can still rock a wet hair look, '80s-style!

For this, yes, break out the gel. Dig up the time capsule you likely buried in elementary school and procure one hair gel container, and then seal it up and throw it back in the hole. Or just pick up some new hair gel from the drugstore. I hear the new ones are pretty good. I stole this one from my BF because I like how it leaves a semi-matte finish that doesn’t scream “I’M WEARING GEL IN MY HAIRRRRR!”

You can still do this if your hair is still full of the mousse and you want a day-to-night kind of transformation. That’s totally doable.

Spray a bit more water to soften the product in your hair already, put a dollop of hair gel in the palm of your hand (best to start with less and build if needed) and rake it through your hair, pulling back and making a deep side part. Smooth the ends down to follow the curve of your head (if you have much longer hair, letting your ends flow free is very “editorial”-looking, but you can make a low-pony or braid… or just gel it all into wet mermaid hair).

I combed everything into formation with a wide-tooth comb and then sprayed the hell out of it with a hard-hold hairspray. So simple. So '80s. And now I don’t have to worry about my hair getting in my face!

  • Are you guys into recreating runway beauty looks?
  • How do you feel about wearing wet hair as opposed to the “wet hair look”?
  • How many of y’all even still own a tub of hair gel?