Did Rihanna Turn A Faux Pas Into A Legit Hairstyle By Wearing A Doobie Wrap To The AMAs?

For the average woman, wrapping your hair is not meant to be worn out in public, but rather as a means of maintaining a hairstyle. Is that about to change?
Publish date:
November 26, 2013
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I recently started watching Sons of Anarchy, and I am
hooked. I find myself watching episode after episode instead of enjoying my
real life, but that Charlie Hunnam is delicious!

Anywho, while I’m watching my newfound television obsession
this past Sunday night, I decide to scroll through my social media outlets. While doing so, I see that Rihanna was the number-one topic on my news feeds
across the board. But it wasn’t to congratulate her for the AMA
Icon Award, but rather everyone had something to say about her “hairstyle” for
the night.

I put my show on pause and turned on my television because I
wanted to see what all the ruckus was about. Lo and behold, Rihanna is wearing her hair in a doobie wrap, complete with bejeweled bobby pins! The same
hairstyle many women wear to go to bed at night!

For those who don’t know what a doobie wrap is, I'll let
Urban Dictionary do the talking for me on this one: The result of
wrapping one's hair around ones head using circular brush, comb, or finger-comb
motions. Utilized mainly by African-American women at night in conjunction with
a scarf in order to create bouncy hair in the morning.

Some examples provided by Urban
Dictionary are: “Girl, I have to do a doobie wrap at night, otherwise my hair is
crazy" and "Shorty had the doobie wrap straight out of
the Dominicans."

For the average woman, wrapping your
hair is not meant to be worn as a hairstyle but rather as a means of maintaining
a hairstyle, having a healthy head of hair and avoiding any stress or tension. You can wear it fresh out of the hair salon after a nice blowout or
wrap it before bed at night. By doing so, you don’t have the headache to deal
with messy bed head in the morning; you can just unravel and go.

To me, Rihanna is definitely a style icon, always going
beyond the limits in every aspect. Whether it be shoes, clothing, nails, accessories,
hairstyles, haircuts or hair colors. But Instagram, Twitter and Facebook were all going HAM and
going IN on my RiRi, mostly with negative comments of people criticizing
her for wearing her hair that way in public... to an awards show... in front of

Quite frankly, following Rihanna on social networks, I
don’t think she did this out of laziness. She is a global superstar with a glam
squad at her beck and call. Her long-time hair stylist, Ursula Stephen, even
posted a backstage picture on her Instagram page of her touching up Ri’s coif.

She definitely could have taken her hair out of the wrap and
styled it to her liking, but I think she did it because she can. This chick clearly doesn’t give a what and does what she wants,
when she wants, and I love that about her.

I can understand getting your hair done at the salon
and walking out with a wrap only to hop in your car and drive home or run some errands before you take it out. Especially living in New York. I have
definitely seen women taking the subway to work with their hair still in
rollers or wrapped in a setting style (I am guilty of this!)--but not to
actually wear their hair wrapped when they got to their actual destination.

It got me to thinking. Personally, Rihanna slayed, looking gorgeous
and as beautiful as ever, dressing up this look that is usually meant to be
worn when you are turning down for the day. But now that she, who is ever the
trendsetter, wore her hair wrapped to a nationally televised event, is this sophisticated or just ratchet? Can she get a pass because she IS
a style icon and a celebrity who lives life with an “IDGAF” attitude?

The bigger question: is this going to
be a trend the everyday woman will now follow suit and do too, making wrapped
hair into a “real” hairstyle? Say, women wearing their doobie wrap
(fancy pins optional) to a birthday gathering or a wedding or any special
occasion for that matter. Would you go as far as wearing your hair
wrapped to work? Is this just plain lazy? Or do people need to just relax and
embrace it?

What do you guys think of Rihanna’s decision? Should it be accepted as an everyday hairstyle or should we keep it for the bedroom? Share your thoughts!