4 Beneficial Ways To Use 1 Game-Changing Hairbrush

This cutting-edge hair tool can be used on all hair types, and it's much more affordable than similar brushes on the market.
Publish date:
May 1, 2014
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It's perfectly serendipitous that I would end up here at 27 with this Ricky’s brush in my hand and a blank page before me. Roughly 10 years prior, I was a store clerk at the 23rd Street Ricky’s store during my time at FIT’s dorms.

This position was one of the catalysts for my interest in beauty. I was sent to a few product-knowledge classes and was always the one to ask about hair products. Having an employee discount was flipping awesome, as was access to samples.

For example, a shampoo brush. That was something I had never used before, but at less than $3 with my discount, it was something I had to try. It's a small plastic apparatus that you can use to suds up and stimulate the scalp in the shower. It can be used to detangle wet or dry hair.

This one tiny tool was one of the luxuries I could afford while showering with five other women in a communal bathroom--the same bathroom that I was always hanging out in to change my hair color once a week.

But I totally forgot about it after misplacing it.

Now, all these years later, this amazing little doodad, the 4x4 Brush from Rickycare, landed in my lap.

One of my favorite things about Ricky’s is its own line of professional quality tools; they never disappoint. This is not the first innovative and professional-grade product it has come up with that's made a splash in the market and in my routine. Better hair and makeup tools are something I ALWAYS know I can find at Ricky’s.

The 4x4 Brush gets its namesake from the four benefits and four uses it is intended to deliver. You can use this brush as a shampoo brush for wet massaging; to detangle quickly and painlessly; to style; or brush wet or dry hair with ease. The four benefits to gain from using the brush: more shine, scalp massaging capabilities, less shedding and breakage, and smoother hair overall. Quite a lot in such a small and affordable package!

How did it perform in my weekend-long testing gauntlet? Beautifully!

The brush has staggered, flexible bristles, allowing it to detangle in levels; instead of stroking the same bristles over and over through a tangle, which pulls, the 4x4 gently detangles more than one snag at a time. This means fewer brush strokes and less yanking on your hair, which is great in my book, since I usually shed quite a bit while brushing. So, check yes on the reduced breakage.

When it comes to detangling, I am an authority. I am comfortable styling all hair types, and frequently work with faux hair, which has a tendency to get EXTREMELY tangled, especially after dancing/ruling at life like I tend to to.

On my own weave, this detangled stunningly, which kept the weave hair from getting tangled again later, and kept it shiny and in place. Before bed, I lightly oil and detangle the ends of my (and not my own) hair before putting it in a soft top bun. When I take it down, another light brushing is all the styling I need.

You can definitely use this brush to "style" your hair--meaning smooth, shape, and detangle--though I wouldn’t recommend using it with heat. It will increase shine by keeping everything soft and detangled, but if you are reaching for the blow dryer, use a brush meant for that purpose.

One thing you may not ever be using a brush for is shampooing your hair. Massaging the scalp with a shampoo brush, or a multitasking shampoo brush in this case, will supercharge your circulation in the scalp area, ultimately leading to cleaner, longer, healthier hair.

The brush will also dislodge any excess sebum or product build up from the scalp as well as aid with lathering. Having a handy detangling brush around for deep-conditioning is also very smart, as products will always penetrate better when they are evenly distributed. Scalp massage is an important grooming practice, as well as a justifiable luxury for a hectic life.

This brush can be used on ALL hair types. It does not snag or get caught in number 4 curls or break or pull on my bamboo-like nape hair. It is a cutting-edge hair tool, for sure, and much more affordable than similar brushes on the market.

I recommend adding this to your arsenal as soon as you can. If you don’t live near a Ricky’s store in New York City, you can certainly order it from its website, where you will find many other radical pro tools that you may not find elsewhere.

Photos by Darnell Scott