3 Grown-Up Ways To Wear Ribbons In Your Hair

And they are all unbelievably easy.
Publish date:
December 15, 2014
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I hardly ever wear ribbons in my hair anymore. And that's pretty ironic because, for a short period of time, hair bows were my business. So when I saw the ribboned, bejeweled hairstyles Sam McKnight did for Chanel's glamorous pre-fall show in Salzburg, a ribbon revisit seemed imminent, especially with the holidays in full swing.

1. The Deneuve

I’ve always loved this picture of a young Catherine Deneuve. It proves that pink doesn’t have to look childlike--it can be elegant and classy, like the lovely lady herself

Basically, I used hot rollers to curl my hair, messed it up a bit (perfect curls can read babyish) and put it up into a half pony. Then I took a pink velvet ribbon, tied it in a bow, and looped a bobby pin through the knot.

This is my favorite complicated hairstyle, except it only takes five minutes and it really isn't that complicated. Sure, in pink it could be the hair look at a children's ballet recital, but in gold it's practically regal.

Full instructions here, but here’s a quick recap.

Take a long ribbon and lay it across your head. Use the ribbon as if it were a section of hair and braid both sides of your hair.

Secure the bottom of the braids with elastic and fasten both braids to the top of your head with bobby pins. The remaining ribbon length can be tied into a bow or tucked under for a more sophisticated look.

3. The Chanel

This is the easiest of them all. Tie a black ribbon into a bow, loop a bobby pin through the knot, and secure it onto the back of your head.

For the holidays, you can go full Chanel and stick a brooch on your bow.

  • Are you all about bows?
  • When was the last time you wore a bow or a ribbon in your hair?
  • Have I convinced you to perhaps pick up a ribbon again?