Two Takes On The Side Ponytail That Look All Kinds Of Retro-Sexy With Bangs

I like how undone they look; big and messy, like you had your hair done in a salon, and then rolled around in your bed drinking strawberry milkshakes or something equally whimsical all afternoon.
Publish date:
February 20, 2014
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I cut bangs again.

It’s really not my fault. Alle made me do it. Also, I’m still dealing with hair loss re-growth, which makes not having bangs pretty
tough. It’s just hair, I know, but I agonize over stupid things. So like all "interesting" haircuts, I did it in the dark in the middle of the night with
kitchen shears.

One of the things I really love
about bangs is that it seems easier to do cute things with my hair. The way
bangs frame your face, it makes a formal style more casual.

I’ve recently been
digging pretty heavy on the early ‘70s looks, which include lots of bangs,
teasing, and side pony styles. I like how undone and loose they look; big and
messy, like you had your hair done in a salon, and then rolled around in your
bed drinking strawberry milkshakes or something equally whimsical all afternoon. Who made those milkshakes? No
one knows.

Both of the following styles are great because
they suit any hair texture. They also take less time than an episode of Adventure Time.

The Loose Side Bun

I start this style, like most
styles, by teasing. Like Christina
it’s really best to tease only towards your scalp, not sawing up and down and wrecking the cuticle of your
hair. I’ll also mist it with hairspray after teasing, not before.

After you have a big fluffy bush of
hair, pull it into a side pony, about even with the middle of your ear, and
just behind it. Twist two or three chunks around each other and pin, making sure to pull
bits out as it pleases you.

Set it with a few short mists of hair spray, and
you’re golden. I can do this style without a mirror, it’s so easy.

The Bouffant Side Pony

I never started doing bouffants
until just recently. I thought that they were overly complicated and put them
squarely in the “theatrical” category. But they are super-sexy, and make your
hair look mysteriously wig-like. In a good way.

A tousled bouffant has a ‘60s
country vibe. Done right, and it’s more Jean
and less Kelly Osbourne circa 2011.

Start with teased hair and smooth
it to one side, and pin it at the back of the head. Separate out the crown, and
tease the underside more, and add a bit more hair spray.

Simply roll it under itself, and
secure with two or three pins, and that’s the bouffant I’ve been looking
for. It’s simple, pretty, and since it doesn’t require a rat or sponge, it
doesn’t look like you’re wearing a medical accessory if you botch it.

Pull it into a low side pony, right
behind the top of your ear. I decided to hit my pony with a ¾-inch curling iron,
curling random sections to bring out the wavy texture of my hair, but this
works with straight, curly or wavy hair.

And because I am a hoarder, I have
several nests of ribbons from forgotten craft projects (like making big tassel
necklaces). I’m generally not into ribbons, but this yellow grosgrain one is
totally dope. Instead of making a bow, I just did a square knot. Thicker ribbon
in your hair seems a little less saccharine, for whatever reason. Like it’s
probably too thick for songbirds to tie it.

I’m really happy with my bangs; I just need to actually trim them this
time. I use mascara until it’s completely desiccated, and I can’t be on top of
my bangs at all.

How often do you trim yours? Do you cut your own hair? I did
my first haircut when I was 12, I think.
It was a modified Chelsea, and it looked terrible. I also gave my best friend a "bob" that involved a Bic razor (“Dude, razoring makes SUCH a difference!”). I'm surprised people let me near them with scissors!